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4A Games (Metro), delighted with the undisclosed features of PS5 and Xbox Series X

4A Games (Metro), delighted with the undisclosed features of PS5 and Xbox Series X

After publishing Metro Exodus, 4A Games is working on a new installment of the saga, of which nothing has yet been revealed.

There are a few months left for the new generation of consoles to go on the market, but the news about PS5 and Xbox Series X follow one another, despite the fact that secrecy has not uncovered all the information about the machines. Nevertheless, some developers have already launched their opinions about the future of consoles. One of them is 4A Games, the creators of the Metro saga. In an interview with Digital Foundry, one of Eurogamer's portals, the study has stated that it is “excited” for the unannounced features.

It has been stated by Oles Shishkovstov, head of the technical department of the study. "I am more excited about the features that have not yet been revealed." The developer has also dedicated a few words to the technique of ray tracing, which he has confessed, are completely committed to it. “You will have to wait to see what we are going to implement in future projects,” he anticipates.

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus.

The appearance of PS5, still a mystery

Although Xbox Series X will be present at E3 2020, Sony will not attend the fair, so it will choose another model when presenting PlayStation 5. Even so, it has not yet uncovered its cards and it is unknown when it will teach the console . Unlike the Microsoft machine, which we already know its appearance, the Japanese hardware has not been shown. What has been leaked is how its development kit looks, something not too representative given that Sony has traditionally always changed the design of its final console.

4A Games, meanwhile, has put an end to the history expansions of Metro Exodus with Sam's Story, which focuses on the journey of this character across the continents in search of his home. After leaving the tunnels next to Artyom, he decides to return home to check his father's destiny. The former soldier will have to fight and break through to survive in an inclement world that has succumbed to the nuclear disaster.

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