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AVerMedia PW315, Reviews. An off-road webcam

AVerMedia PW315, analysis. An off-road webcam

We tell you our final impressions after using AVerMedia’s new webcam, PW315. The SUV from the Taiwanese manufacturer is now available.

The COVID-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves has boosted working from home. Meetings, collaborations … what used to be done in person now happens behind the screen. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that the main companies in the sector promote their work in the audiovisual field. AVerMedia, the Taiwanese manufacturer, has recently done the same with two new camera models focused on improving our daily lives.

Beyond the functions of the PW310P model, which you can check in this link, today we will focus on the webcam that we have been able to use in recent days. The PW315’s approach goes beyond basic use: it offers dedicated features for those who want to create content and need more features. So are our impressions.

Avermedia webcam pw315 review
This is the box.

Simple package – plug and play

With the webcam package in hand, you know the approach AVerMedia wants to infuse with this camera. It consists of a simple cardboard packaging in which the camera is located and a quick-use instruction manual. You don’t need anything else. You simply put the camera in your USB port (compatible from 2.0) and you are ready to go.

The camera feels good to the touch. On the sides it has two circular backs made of a material that imitates aluminum, where both microphones are located. The solution found for the base is simple. When you open it, you will see that the camera is on a square that can be unfolded backwards, thus adapting it to the type of monitor (or cornice) where you plug it in. The excess is L-shaped to hook it on the screen, together with the company logo.

Avermedia webcam pw315 review
The base is adjustable to fit any monitor, including curved ones. At the bottom it has a thread to place it on a tripod.

The folded base has a small thread on the bottom on which to place a tripod, so it does not need to always be at the top of the monitor. You choose where to catch it. On the right side of the front we see a tab that you can slide towards the center of the lens as a privacy window. The camera allows you to adjust its position 360┬║ and the bites thanks to the mobility of the base.

PW315 in practice

We must point out that the compatibilities indicated on the box are extended in practice. Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are just the initial trio of the other video conferencing programs. In fact, our tests have mostly been done by Discord, where it works perfectly, in addition to Google Hangouts.

Avermedia webcam pw315 review
The USB cable is compatible as of 2.0. Plug in and you’re ready to go.

As we said, the PW315 camera is as simple to install as it is to start using. It does not require additional drivers. You plug it in and it’s ready to go, streamlining connectivity between multiple computers or platforms with USB access. If you prefer to adjust options such as brightness or contrast, the company recommends installing the CamEngine program, available from official support.

During the video sessions we find two elements to highlight: the field of view and the sharpness. Its 95-degree wide-angle lens allows it to cover a wide range of vision. In the images you do not notice an exaggerated depth field, far from it. The lens is centered on the person and does not lose too much detail in the rear. On the other hand, the 1080p resolution is noticeable for good; the same with performance at 60 frames per second.

Avermedia webcam pw315 review
The camera is tiny. Fits in the palm of one hand.

The only negative element is that you need to condition the lighting in your room. The PW315 does not incorporate light rings, and in dim environments it loses muscle. In any case, this has an easy solution, since the results in good light are adequate compared to what we expect from it. Something similar happens with the microphones, which maintain a correct level for video conferencing, but not when you want to record a podcast or announce a piece (or streaming).


PW315 is a webcam that falls under the name of off-road. It fits in the palm of one hand, is easy to use, and offers pretty good results in every way. It may be a little behind for those who want to broadcast or create content, but it does very well with the basic functions in a work or student environment. Although it loses strength in dimly lit environments, sharpness and field of view are two quite positive factors that increase its value.

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