Discover PS4 and PS5 video games for Christmas thanks to the PlayStation Store offers

The January Sale begins at the PS Store. Discover a selection of discounted titles from the PS4 and PS5 catalog; the new generation debuts with discounts.

What better time than Christmas to expand your catalog of games on PlayStation. Whether you are a PS4 player or have made the leap to PS5, the January sales on the PS Store will allow you to discover new experiences without leaving the couch. From December 22 to January 19, you’ll find a selection of below-priced games on the PS Store. Enter, discover and take advantage of the best way to celebrate these holidays.

Buying from the PS Store ensures immediate access from anywhere and anytime to the PlayStation family digital store. You have the main payment methods at your disposal. Whether you want to check out with your card, PayPal or through prepaid cards, you have in your hand to choose the option that best suits you. And without forgetting the best: open 24 hours a day and with the confidence that your data is safe.

In this piece we will review five of the most outstanding games of the promotional period. If you want to discover the full offers yourself, click on this link.

FIFA 21 for PS4 and PS5

  • Buy FIFA 21 for 34.29 euros (before 69.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 8 de enero de 2021]

FIFA 21 is the king of virtual football. EA Sports continues year after year demonstrating the reasons why it is unrivaled with the body between the feet. This year’s delivery is even more special, since it shares the stage with the new generation edition. By purchasing it on PS4 prior to the release of FIFA 22, you will be eligible to upgrade your copy once you make the jump to PS5. All your progress in FIFA Ultimate Team and VOLTA Soccer will transfer between consoles in the same family, so you will not lose progress. Break the limits and build your off-road team in the game all sports fans talk about.

January sales playstation offers

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for PS4

  • Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for PS4 for 49.69 euros (before 69.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 5 de enero de 2021]

Treyarch, creators of the Black Ops sub-series, are back in 2020 with a delivery that exudes a classic aroma. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War means fighting again under the neon lights of the 80s. As Americans are used to, the title is made up of three aspects: campaign, multiplayer and zombies. A trio of experiences that make up a package for any type of group. Whether you want to join forces with your friends by mowing down hordes of Nazi zombies, or experience the adrenaline rush of solo missions, Call of Duty gives you the kind of fun you’ll only find in it.

January sales playstation offers

Ghost of Tsushima for PS4

  • Buy Ghost of Tsushima for 49.69 euros (before 69.99 euros)

Ghost of Tsushima has the narrative and audiovisual packaging that you only find in PlayStation Studios productions. You will put yourself in the shoes of Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who must expel the Mongol Empire from Tsushima Island, the last stronghold before reaching the main islands of Japan. Faced with such dramatic events, like Jin, you must choose which path you will follow to decimate the Mongol forces, between following the code of honor or using concealment arts frowned upon by other comrades. The landscapes of the island are one of the images that have defined this generation, and it is that exploring Tsushima (your home) awaits surprises and secrets that seem to have been extracted from the best films of classic Asian cinema. Master the sword and guide your steel through the invaders.

January sales playstation offers

NBA 2K21 for PS4

  • Buy NBA 2K21 for 29.39 euros (before 69.99 euros)

NBA 2K21 is the most faithful representation of the best basketball league in the world. The offer of game modes is total, between taking your favorite franchise to the ring or entering My Player, in which you will create a player to take it from the beginning to the top. It’s the perfect game to get on the court with your friends. Do you want something more casual? Grab your shoes and go to the neighborhood, which has given a radical aesthetic change. The beaches of Venice Beach are the perfect setting to show that you dominate the area.

January sales playstation offers

The Last of Us Part II for PS4

  • Buy The Last of Us Part II for 39.89 euros (before 69.99 euros)

By listing the top 10 games of the past 7 years, The Last of Us Part II remains at the top of the table. Ellie’s emotional journey goes beyond the screen. Five years after the events of 2013, the young woman settles with Joel in a stronghold of civilization in Wyoming. However, an event alters the peace of the protagonists, the starting gun for more than 20 hours of pure action, survival and emotion in front of faces that really feel and suffer. Naughty Dog dazzles again with a masterpiece within the reach of very few studios out there.

January sales playstation offers

PS5 Game Selection: Featured Discounts

We don’t want to close the piece without highlighting several games that feature dedicated enhancements to the PS5 hardware. If you have the new generation, you can get several titles of the moment below their usual price. Here is a small summary of what you can find in the January sales of the PS Store for PS5.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla for PS4 and PS5 for 48.99 euros (was 69.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 8 de enero de 2021]

  • Watch Dogs Legion for PS4 and PS5 for 41.99 euros (before 69.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 8 de enero de 2021]

  • Borderlands 3 for PS4 and PS5 for 19.59 euros (before 69.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 8 de enero de 2021]

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition for PS4 and PS5 for 8.99 euros (was 29.99 euros) [Disponible hasta el 8 de enero de 2021]

  • Godfall Standard Edition for PS5 for 59.99 euros (before 79.99 euros)

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