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Final Fantasy VII Remake will offer new information at the FF7R Orchestra concert

Final Fantasy VII Remake will offer new information at the FF7R Orchestra concert

The representation, which will take place on February 13, will have a special program beyond the interpretation of the musical themes.

A few months after Final Fantasy VII Remake reaches its first year on the market, Square Enix continues to jealously guard any details about the second part of this ambitious project. However, Motomu Toriyama, co-director of the video game, has confirmed in an official video that the company plans to offer news during the FF7R Orchestra concert, to be held on February 13 in Japan. What it does not specify is whether the content of those ads will be related to the second installment of the remake or to the first, which we remember, will have a free hand to go out on other platforms as of April 2021.

“Besides the performance,” says Toriyama in the video, “we have planned a special program as well. There will be a few things about Final Fantasy VII Remake that will be revealed exclusively during this concert. ” In fact, Toriyama himself will be present as a participant. It should be noted that the event will be broadcast online, but that does not mean that it is open to all interested parties. Square Enix sold tickets online for 4,500 yen, so only these viewers will access the information at that time.

Surprise and expectations

Final Fantasy VII Remake was conceived as a reimagining of the classic, which has led the development team to redesign the graphics and combat system, but also the story. This new version expands the plot, delves into characters that were secondary to the original, and opens the door for more changes in the future. Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the title, said fans of the classic “probably know what’s going on in the story and are curious” about what will happen next. Its creators intend to offer something that surprises, but at the same time “goes beyond expectations”.

The title is available exclusively for PS4 today, although it is backwards compatible with PS5. Will there be versions optimized for the new generation? Will it come out on Xbox machines and PCs? At the moment, there is nothing confirmed. Perhaps the concert will serve to shed some light.

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