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iVoox chooses the MeriPodcast about our summer games as highlight of the month

iVoox chooses the MeriPodcast about our summer games as highlight of the month

The episode dedicated to the video games of our summers becomes part of the Essential section of iVoox. Don’t miss the MeriPodcast!

iVoox, the popular podcast platform on the internet that has a wide variety of themes for all kinds of users, has selected the episode dedicated to the video games of our MeriPodcast summers as part of its Essentials section for the month of July, a section in which the most interesting programs of each month of the year are collected.

MeriPodcast Retro: our summer games

Thus, the episode dedicated to the games that marked our childhood throughout the different summer vacations, has been selected by iVoox as an outstanding podcast of the month of July on the subject of video games along with other programs on topics as diverse as history, beauty, literature, economy, cinema or sport, among others.

“We are in the middle of summer, atypical due to the circumstances, but summer and from the Meripodcast Retro team we wanted to take advantage of this excuse to look back on our best summer memories as video game lovers. We will talk about games like Out Run, Worms, Axelay, Golden Ax or Final Fight among others, not because of what they represent in the history of the medium, but because of what they represent in our own personal history, so closely linked to the video game ”, we aim to mode of presentation of such a special episode of the MeriPodcast Retro.

“Coastal arcades, visits to grandparents in remote towns with little to do, and especially time ahead, which is surely what we most appreciate about those eternal summers that opened before us when we finished school and our obligations were reduced to minimum: days, weeks and months in which we could dedicate ourselves body and soul to enjoying the video game ”.

Do not miss all the episodes of the MeriPodcast in its thirteenth season and in which we alternate every week between current issues and special retro programs.

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