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Liquid Swords, the new studio from the creator of Just Cause

Liquid Swords, the new studio from the creator of Just Cause

Christopher Sundberg announces his new team from Sweden to develop future open world action video games.

Liquid Swords. This is the name of the new studio from one of the founders of Avalanche Studios and creator of the Just Cause saga. Christopher Sundberg announced it on December 2, explaining that he will be set up in Stockholm and that he will focus on action games and open world where explosions, shared experiences and memorable moments will be the order of the day for consoles again. generation, for streaming platforms and for PCs. So at least they have been defined in their debut publication on Facebook.

“I’ve been away from the video game business for a year and even though I needed it, it gave me time to think about what I really wanted to create with a new studio. Which remains the same in my way of thinking, ”Sundberg explains. For this reason, he has pointed out where the shots go in his new Liquid Swords, with hallmarks that will be recognizable to fans of games like Just Cause.

As Sundberg recounts, the games they are going to create in Liquid Swords “are centered around high action and a giant spectacle. After leaving the Just Cause franchise from the first day we started at Avalanche Studio until the company was sold, I am excited to be back creating spectacular experiences for players to explore, share and enjoy. We have no intention of doing something similar to what we already know, ”he says.

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To all this, the founder also relates that he wants to return video game development where it should be: “intense and fun creation while at the same time offering innovative action experiences rather than focused on established business plans.” To do this, he asserts that they are not engaged in a business of empty ideas. The technology that they will use and everything that will come with collaborations and more in Liquid Swords will be announced in early 2021.

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