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LUDO: new documentary on the social value of the video game presented by Outconsumer

LUDO: new documentary on the social value of the video game presented by Outconsumer

The well-known content creator presents alongside lag. and “chiconuclear” a documentary on how video games try to reflect social reality.

LUDO is the new documentary presented by Roc Massaguer, the popular content creator known as Outconsumer, alongside producer Laura G. Vélez de lag. and the journalist Víctor Martínez “chiconuclear” from AnaitGames. LUDO aims to reflect the social value of the video game and how it can be an educational instrument with a new scope. The documentary can be seen live next Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. PST through the Outconsumer Twitch channel, followed by a talk and a round of questions and answers about its production by its presenters.

Premiere on Outconsumer’s Twitch channel

The program will feature the participation of professors such as Josué Monchán, researchers such as Luca Carruba or creators of so-called serious games such as Susana Ruiz (Darfur is dying) or Pablo Martínez (The paradise of debt), to explain how reality has finally entered in a space once dominated by fantasy.

“Today as entertainment, information through games. After an important event, video games appear that try to explain it: a mobile game where we chat with a Syrian refugee, another for consoles where we play a customs official in Eastern Europe, a forbidden game on iPhone about the manufacture of a iPhone … ”, explain those responsible.

LUDO aims to offer a new point of view on the presence of the video game as a cultural element fully integrated in our society: “Just as literature and cinema forever changed our way of seeing the world, the video game is gaining power as a cultural agent, not only among the younger generations but also among adults. Treating video games with rigor, seriousness and with the intention of giving them the social relevance they deserve, LUDO wants to show how the youngest of the arts has reflected the world in which they have been created ”.

The documentary LUDO premieres this Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. PDT through the Outconsumer Twitch channel.

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