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Meripodcast 13×26: Games from which we expect a sequel on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Meripodcast 13x26: Games from which we expect a sequel on PS5 and Xbox Series X

We take out our wish list to anticipate the consequences that we will see in the new generation

New week and new appointment with the canned radio. The MeriPodcast returns after our flashback to Neo Geo's 35th anniversary and does so by changing perspective: Let's talk about the future. With a generation of consoles that is already ending and another that is looming from the horizon, we put on the table those names that have left their mark on us during these last generations and that, for different reasons, we want to see with a sequel on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Names like Tomb Raider, Ratchet & Clank, Dragon Age, a possible reboot of Mass Effect or Banjo & Kazooie are just some of the ones we put on the table, as there are others like The Order: 1886 or Bloodborne that generated a total consensus among the team members this week.

In the current block we highlight the survey we conducted at FreeGameTips about a possible new remake of Resident Evil, before Code Veronica or Resident Evil 4? We also talked about everything we are playing in these weeks of confinement and what game we have dedicated more hours throughout these six weeks at home.

Accompany Arashi, Paula, Alejandro, Borja and Sergio Carlos in this last program in April, which brings us closer and closer to being able to return to that long-awaited new reality.

Thanks for listening to the MeriPodcast. We remember that you can listen to each program on YouTube, iVoox, iTunes and Spotify.

See you!

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