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NBA 2K21 will occupy 121.7 GB on Xbox Series X and 101 GB on Series S

NBA 2K21 will occupy 121.7 GB on Xbox Series X and 101 GB on Series S

The next gent version of NBA 2K21 becomes the second game that will occupy the most space in the new generation, only behind Black Ops Cold War.

It seems that the graphical improvements of the new generation games will also be accompanied by a significant increase in the size of the games. At least from the third party games that don’t pay too much attention to optimizing and compressing their files. One of the first examples of this is NBA 2K21, which will occupy a whopping 121.7 GB on Xbox Series X. On its little sister, Xbox Series S, it will be 101 GB in size, which is a lot less, true, but at the same time It is much more than the 89 GB in which the original game, the Xbox One and Xbox One X remained.

NBA 2K21

The “heaviest” of the next gen

NBA 2K21 thus becomes the second most occupied game of the new Microsoft console, only behind Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (with the record, 136 GB). It is well above the 99 GB of Halo 5 or the 96.7 GB of Forza Horizon 4 (this one even with the patch that optimizes it for Series X). Above, unlike what happens with Black Ops Cold War, which can be installed in parts (in case we only want to play the campaign or multiplayer mode), it does not seem that we will be able to do the same with NBA 2K21. Come on, if on launch day we install it together with Call of Duty on our Xbox Series S, we will have eaten 237 GB of the 364 GB available. As above we become infatuated with Gear or Halo, it’s over.

Despite this, the next gen version of NBA 2K21 points ways. In its last gameplay we could see those two-second loading times, which change the experience completely, and last week the new Park / Neighborhood mode was introduced, which will no longer even be called El Barrio, but La Ciudad. Why? Because of its size and because it is “the most ambitious virtual basketball community that 2K Games has ever carried out.” We will see if it lives up to what it promises this November 10 when it is released from the hand of Xbox Series X, and also when it does the same on PS5 from next November 19.

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