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Netflix announces that Sonic Prime is the title of its 3D animated series

Netflix announces that Sonic Prime is the title of its 3D animated series

The video on demand platform has a broad portfolio of video game-related projects underway.

That Netflix was working on a new 3D animated series based on the adventures and misadventures of SEGA’s blue hedgehog is a reality confirmed by the platform itself in December 2020. Beyond the fact that its premiere is projected for the year 2022, it is hardly They have offered additional details. Now, Netflix has revealed the title of the series, nothing more and nothing less than Sonic Prime.

They have uncovered it through the official Twitter account. “If true. Legendary SEGA video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog will star in a new 3D animated series from SEGA, Wild Brain Studio and Man of Action Entertainment, ”they wrote. It seems that Netflix is ​​willing to offer the information in an eyedropper, as no further details have been provided. We will have to wait, therefore, to enjoy a more tangible advance in images or in trailer format. For now, it’s time to settle for the logo.

Goodbye to the Sonic voice of the last decade

Roger Craig Smith, Ezio Auditore in Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, has also been the actor who has played Sonic for the last several years. Behind him, more than a dozen video games and about 100 episodes of the Sonic Boom series. However, the interpreter recently announced his dismissal from the character. SEGA, for its part, has officially confirmed it, although neither party has explained the reasons for this decision.

Netflix has among its plans to adapt more video game sagas to television. In addition to Sonic Prime, it has Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil and more series in development, not all of them animation. Those that are already available are, for example, the three seasons of Castlevania and the first of Dragon’s Dogma.

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