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New details of Darkest Dungeon II, 3D, Epic Store and Early Access in 2021

New details of Darkest Dungeon II, 3D, Epic Store and Early Access in 2021

The RPG will return in 2021 with a renewed engine, new ideas but the same sinister tone that characterized the first installment

So far we only had a brief teaser that confirmed the development of the sequel to Darkest Dungeon II. Now, Red Hook has advanced its plans a bit further to shed light on the long-awaited project through a new teaser video and a brief update on its official website. As a result of the video called “A Glitter of Hope” (which could be translated as “A flash of hope”), the first thing that strikes us is the definitive adoption of 3D as a way of presenting the characters of the game, abandoning the characteristic representation two-dimensional character that characterized the first game. Of course, stylistically the models seem a faithful translation of what was seen in the previous game, so it is not a radical change. The creators speak of a “stylized 3D”, stating that they have taken the models directly from their current development in Unity – for the first game they created an on-demand engine using C ++, since at that time the well-known engine did not have 2D tools -.

Courage and hope against the dark

The creators comment that Darkest Dungeon II will be a game about hope, courage and determination. It will remind us that in times of crisis, we cannot wait for salvation but will have to find it ourselves, despite our weaknesses. It will feature a “refined combat system” and a completely different metagame from the campaign we already know.

Another important detail is a release date, although somewhat vague at the moment: 2021 and only for an Early Access that will start exclusively on the Epic Store. Official sources have already confirmed that once it reaches the 1.0 release version, it will reach the rest of the digital stores such as Steam or GOG. The team has also taken the opportunity to promote the Kickstarter of the board game based on the game, a resounding success that has accumulated more than a million euros, with 15 days still ahead and on a goal of € 253,000 that was exceeded in the first 35 minutes that crowdfunding was unveiled, another success they are obviously proud of.

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