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New World, the Amazon MMO, will not reach consoles for its graphic power

New World, the Amazon MMO, will not reach consoles for its graphic power

Amazon wants a different game to all the MMOs you've seen, with 50 vs 50 battles and a graphic engine (Lumberyard) that will rely on the cloud.

The first bet with which Amazon wants to start its particular approach to the world of video games is called New World and is an MMO that will arrive in May 2020 for PC. During The Game Awards 2019, the company showed a new trailer for the game and gave several interviews in which it has made it clear why it will not reach consoles. “I love developing for consoles. I have worked on many games for them, but in this we are going to take the graphics as far as we can, ”said the game director, Scot Lane, to EuroGamer. “It is one of the great things we want to contribute to the genre: an MMO that looks different from everything you've seen. And I think our fight is long term. There are many things that we can improve as computers become more powerful. They will allow us to add more and more things over time. ”

Some statements that have surprised due to the promotional images of the title, which did not seem to highlight precisely in the technical. Of course, remember that New World will use the Lumberyard graphic engine, a customized version of CryEkine from Crytek (perhaps the main reason Amazon saved the bankruptcy study). Lumberyard has been designed with the mind set on Twich (with whom it will be integrated in a special way, yet to be announced) and on Amazon's servers, which will hope to give the title a final boost with “the cloud”. It will be from that push when we see the true graphic ceiling of the game.

50 vs. 50 battles

In addition to the dimensions of the map, which is usually one of the great demands of the genre, New World will also have to deal with the amount of characters on the screen, which will not be precisely small. One of the characteristics that has attracted the most attention of the title is that it will have the option of fighting in battles of 100 players (50 against 50) in which each side must build its own fort to defend against the attacks of the opponent and organize the your own

The game can now be booked on Amazon and Steam at a price of 40 euros.

New World Amazon MMO

New World Amazon MMO

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