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Person 5: Atlus is aware of the requests to come out on Switch

Person 5: Atlus is aware of the requests to come out on Switch

The company admits that if the players want the game on the Nintendo console, you have to let them know without a break.

Persona 5 is one of the titles that has been playing in the concurrent rumorology surrounding Nintendo Switch. The arrival of Joker to Smash Bros Ultimate was for many the definitive signal that it would appear on the Nintendo hybrid platform, but Atlus was unmarked announcing a musou with Persona 5 Scramble and maintaining the exclusive Sony JRPG. Now, in statements to IGN, the company admits to being aware of the game's requests for Switch and adds that if people want it, they can't stop asking for it. Thus at least the Atlus Communications Manager, Ari Advincula, expressed in statements to the US portal:

"You want what you want, and if you don't let us know, it will never be possible to make it happen." The words leave no room for doubt, to which are added other statements in which he says that "I am a firm believer in never ever abandoning hope." In this sense, Advincula added that Atlus always listens to fans and encourages them to "keep telling us what you want." Of course, calm the waters warning that this is not an indication that it will happen or that it may happen in the future.

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Atlus asks directly for the ports

Not surprisingly, just a few days ago the company conducted a survey asking directly for the ports that fans would like to see on Nintendo Switch, both from Persona and other sagas. And among the options available was, of course, Persona 5 to choose under the question: "If previous Atlus games were ported to Switch, would you like to play them?", So it seems clear that the company is probing the possibility of moving this or other games to the Nintendo hybrid.

Persona 5 The Royal is coming up for sale exclusively for Playstation 4, and our partner Alejandro Castillo has been able to play a delivery for several hours that, in addition to adding a large amount of content and modifying certain controversial aspects of the original delivery, will be adapted For the first time in the Spanish saga in what subtitles are concerned. One more reason to put the glove on the game that received a 10 out of 10 in Meristation in 2017.

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