PlayStation Partner Awards 2020: All Winners Announced

Death Stranding, Final Fantasy VII Remake or Apex Legends are some of the titles awarded by PlayStation.

The end of the year brings winter, Christmas, nougat and awards in the video game industry. Before The Game Awards 2020 chooses the big winners at its gala, this time in a different format due to the coronavirus, PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 has chosen its own winners. Productions of the stature of Death Stranding, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Apex Legends or Resident Evil 3 have been some of the titles that have won awards. Nor has Yakuza: Like a Dragon, one of SEGA’s most recent titles, gone empty-handed.

The PlayStation Partner Awards are divided into three main categories, although in all of them sales have a lot to say. Below we show you all the winners.

Grand award

Prize awarded to the three major titles developed in Japan or in the Asian regions with the highest sales volume between October 2019 and September 2020.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (Bandai Namco / CyberConnect2)
  • eFootball PES 2020 (Konami)
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix)

Partner Award

Prize awarded to titles developed in Japan or the Asian regions with the highest sales volume between October 2019 and September 2020.

  • Black Desert (Pearl Abyss)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (Square Enix)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 (Bandai Namco)
  • Nioh 2 (Koei Tecmo / Team Ninja)
  • Persona 5 Royal (Atlus)
  • Resident Evil 3 (Capcom)
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Sega / Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio)

Special Awards

Titles developed by creators outside of Japan / Asia that have been successful in the Asian market from October 2019 to September 2020.

  • Apex legends

Titles developed in Japan and the Asian region together with Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios that have been successful in sales worldwide (from October 2019 to September 2020).

  • Death stranding
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