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Sea of ​​Thieves expands for free with its new expansion, Ships of Fortune

Sea of ​​Thieves expands for free with its new expansion, Ships of Fortune

Following the announcement of the game for Steam, Rare's pirate game raises the sails and ventures into the seas to new experiences.

Rare is working on a new project, but that doesn't mean that Sea of ​​Thieves has come second. While the studio develops Everwild with part of the team, other members of the developer continue to add new content to their online video game. Taking advantage of the Inside Xbox, the British have announced Ships of Fortune, a free expansion that will continue to implement new features. The update will be available for download on Xbox One and PC on April 22, also through Xbox Game Pass.

Sea of ​​Thieves brings together different commercial companies, such as the Gold Hoarders, the Commerce Alliance, the Order of Souls or The Fortune of Athena. The expansion will allow players to become Emissaries for each of them. This responsibility will open new opportunities that will translate into succulent rewards, including cosmetic content.

Sea of ​​Thieves, Ships of Fortune

What do Emissaries do?

The modus operandi is as follows: first, you will have to go to one of the usual positions and take a look at the bulletin board. You will discover that the role of Emissary is highly valued, so you will have to donate a good amount of gold in order to benefit from that honor. From then on, it is the turn of the Emissary to raise the flag and fulfill your duty as a representative of the company. Progress will be measured through five new ranges. Of course, a better position, better reward, but also more danger. The rest of the pirates could be attracted by the flag, which anticipates the presence of loot on the ship.

Another added difficulty will be the presence of a new company, The Bones of Reaper, whose headquarters is in their hideout. They follow the precepts of pure piracy and disdain the figure of honor. If you choose to be an Emissary of a company other than this, they will not stop until you dig your grave in the sand (or at the bottom of the ocean). On the other hand, the Arena Mode is reinforced and modifies the old treasure maps by a unique chest, for which the players will have to compete. These games will last 15 minutes.

Rare has implemented the possibility of being able to revive a companion before his soul moves to the Ship of the Damned. Thus the things, they try that the games speed up. And for cat lovers, this content interests them. Not only are they added as pets, but you can also dress like a cat.

Sea of ​​Thieves is available on Xbox One and Windows PC, just like Xbox Game Pass. The game is coming to Steam soon.

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