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Sea of ​​Thieves receives new free content with Crews of Rage

Sea of ​​Thieves receives new free content with Crews of Rage

Rare's latest work receives a new content update at no additional cost. New adventures await in the sea of ​​Sea of ​​Thieves.

Sea of ​​Thieves adds the content of "Crews of Rage", a new free update that will mark the pirates' journey during the next month. In it we can expect an unprecedented assortment of activities that will lead to the most intrepid pirates for treasures hitherto unknown.

Its main feature is the introduction of the chests of anger, which "will carry the fury of the souls of former crews" and may "explode with incandescent fury," according to the company in the official statement. The one that can burst makes its utility can be reversed as a trap for other squads, although if they are delivered to the merchant of the gold hoarders we will obtain money and reputation.

During the presence of this content, these chests will have a small variant: they can be taken to the “hideout of the grim reaper” in order to double the amount of money obtained, at the cost of losing the reputation increase.

As usual, Duke will have several special crossings focused on the use of these anger chests, in addition to the recently added fire bombs. The chosen region, Devil’s Roar, will introduce the new ash skeletons, immune to pyromantic arts.

Sea of ​​Thieves Crews of Rage

On the side of the activities of the Forts, this next month will focus on Fort Molten Sands, located in the same region. The cameras will have volumes that, upon completion, will make us obtain a special ash cosmetic. Although it will not be the only way to get them: they will also appear on ghostly ships, on Duke's black market trips and randomly around the world.

Crews of Rage is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10; Remember that Sea of ​​Thieves is part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog in all your options. The options to access the latest from Rare are diverse.

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