Terraria, canceled for Stadia: “Doing business with Google is a risk,” its creator explodes

Terraria, canceled for Stadia: "Doing business with Google is a risk," its creator explodes

Andrew Spinks denounces that the North American giant, which has not yet spoken, disabled access to his account three weeks ago.

Terraria will not reach Google Stadia finally, and it will not because Google has suspended the account of Andrew Spinks, director of Re-Logic and one of the top managers of the project. Visibly angry, the developer has published a Twitter thread in which he has denounced that he has lost all the data he had saved in the account, since it was disabled three weeks ago. At the moment, the North American company has not commented on the matter.

The anger of the creator of Terraria

“Google, my account has been disabled for more than three weeks,” wrote the creative. “I still have no idea why, and after using all the resources I have to try to solve it, you have done nothing but give me off.” According to Spinks’ version, your phone has lost access to apps that you’ve invested thousands of dollars in, not to mention the 4K version of The Lord of the Rings that you had acquired. “My Google Drive data no longer exists; I cannot access my YouTube channel, and the worst thing is that I have lost access to my Gmail address that I have had for 15 years ”.

Faced with this situation, the studio will stop working for any Google project. “I have not done anything that violated the terms of the service,” so he cuts his losses and breaks relationships. “Terraria for Google Stadia is canceled. My company will not support any of your platforms from now on. I am not going to associate with a corporation that values ​​its customers and partners so low. Doing business with you is a risk ”.

Google Stadia recently announced a business model change, which has resulted in the closure of its internal development studios, as well as the cancellation of all its future projects. The platform will continue without Jade Raymond and with a commitment to agreements with external studios.

Terraria is a multiplatform game that focuses on crafting mechanics.

Source | Andrew Spinks (Twitter)

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