The PC Gaming Show will be held on June 6

Although E3 2020 is not going to be celebrated due to the coronavirus crisis, most of the companies are looking for alternatives to present their news during the month of June, when the Los Angeles event should be held. One of the most recent premiere shows at an E3 is the PC Gaming Show, which has only been held for a few years, and that this year will also be held, although obviously not in person. It will be next Saturday, June 6, via streaming on Twitch.

All the novelties of the PC

Thus, compatible game fans will then have an unavoidable appointment, since in addition to presenting some news related to multiplatform titles, the PC Gaming Show traditionally shows more games oriented to computer gaming, with a large presence of studios and companies such as Paradox or Frontier, for example.

The PC Gaming Show will be held on June 6

"Gaming on PC has prospered in the last decade because it is the only video game platform that belongs to everyone," said Evan Lahti, editor of the PC Gamer portal, who will be the organizer of the event this time. "Some fantastic new video games deserve recognition, and we hope that on June 6 all viewers will experience what is to come."

Thus, a show returns that although in its early years it was criticized for lack of rhythm, in recent times it has been able to improve and exceed even the presentations of Nintendo and Electronic Arts during the past year. Over the next few weeks we will know more details of an event in which companies like Epic Games, Intel, Tripwire Interactive, Humble Bundle or Frontier also put their bit to work.

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