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The voice of Sonic from the last 10 years will say goodbye to the character

The voice of Sonic from the last 10 years will say goodbye to the character

Roger Craig has played the blue hedgehog not only in video games, but also in other alternative products.

Sonic has had multiple voices since his birth on Mega Drive, but Roger Craig Smith has been the performer who has breathed life into him for a decade. Everything has a beginning and an end, and judging by the tweet the actor himself has posted, his time with the character has come to an end. SEGA and Rogers thus end a long relationship, which has allowed him to play Sonic in more than twelve video games and other alternative products, such as television series.

The tweet is accompanied by an image showing a broken blue heart. Rogers has said goodbye thanking fans for their love over the past decade. “It was an honor,” he concludes. Speaking to Kotaku, the Japanese company has stated that “it will always be grateful” for “its contribution to the saga. Not surprisingly, the interpreter has participated in more than 100 chapters of Sonic Boom, the animated series.

SEGA applauds Craig’s work

And what are the reasons that you have abandoned the role? At the moment they have not transcended. Fans speculate that Ben Schwartz, the actor behind the movie version of the character, will be the one to take over. Kotaku has consulted SEGA about it, but has only received a vague response that does not mention Craig’s possible successor at any time. “Roger Craig’s performance as Sonic the Hedgehog is one that fans will surely remember for generations to come. He brought the character to life in a very authentic way, with Sonic’s signature attitude and style. “

This year is important for the saga, since it is the 30th anniversary since its premiere. The company says it has big plans, although as of today there is no new video game announced on the horizon. What is confirmed is that the sequel to Sonic The Movie is already underway.

Source | Kotaku

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