THQ Nordic buys Tarsier Studios (Little Nightmares)

The company continues to swell its portfolio of studies and acquires the creators of Little Nightmares, Statik and Stretchers, adding more than 100 sagas and IP.

THQ Nordic adds and follows. The company continues to acquire talent and resources, and the last purchase it has executed in that regard is that of Tarsier Studios, an indie developer of Swedish origin who has given us works such as Little Nightmares or Statik. The agreement between both parties includes the condition that the 65 employees of the study maintain their work and grant THQ all their intellectual property rights … with two exceptions: Little Nightmares and Stretchers. The first because it belongs to Bandai Namco and the second, because it is from Nintendo. The company "will remain autonomous" and will not start producing new IP until it completes its current projects, among which is precisely Little Nightmares 2.

More than 100 sagas and IP

With this news we have to update the THQ Nordic movement index again, which in the last year and a half has grown enough to have more than 100 different sagas and franchises under its belt. An innumerable collection of big names that has led the company to be known as the developer who resurrects the dead and have to reassure fans of many of those sagas, clarifying that not all the IPs they have bought will have a sequel because "Not all of them are relevant" today. In any case, look at the history they have left:

  • THQ Nordic acquires HandyGames studio – July 2018

  • THQ acquires the rights of TimeSplitters – August 2018

  • THQ buys Kingdoms of Amalur, the RPG published by EA- September 2018

  • THQ acquires Alone in the Dark and Act of War – September 2018

  • THQ buys BugBear Entertainment and Coffe Stain – November 2018

  • THQ Nordic acquires Carmageddon license – December 2018

  • THQ Nordic takes over the rights of the Outcast saga – January 2019

  • THQ acquires Warhorse Studios (Kingdome Come: Deliverance) – February 2019

  • THQ acquires Piranha Bytes, creators of Gothic – May 2019

  • THQ Nordic buys, among others, Gunfire Games (Darksiders 3) – August 2019

THQ Nordic
The creators of Gothic or Rise, among the last to be swallowed by THQ Nordic.

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