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Tom Holland: Uncharted Movie Has “The Greatest Action Scenes” Of His Career

Tom Holland: Uncharted Movie Has "The Greatest Action Scenes" Of His Career

The famous actor who will play a much younger film Nathan Drake, assures that he has suffered when shooting some action sequences.

Tom Holland, the famous actor who will play Nathan Drake in the cinema (protagonist of the Uncharted video game saga) and who is currently filming Spider-Man 3 (working title) for Marvel Studios, ensures that during the filming of the A film adapting the Naughty Dog franchise, he has struggled to shoot some of the “greatest action sequences” of his career. This has been assured in a recent interview with the medium Variety and in which he has also commented on various aspects of the new Spidey film at the UCM.

Release delayed to February 11, 2022

So much so, that Tom Holland himself has surprised the interviewer by ensuring that the Uncharted movie has “some of the greatest action sequences in which I have participated”, something unusual if we consider that he has already had several films like Spider- Man in Marvel Studios and his numerous superhero action scenes. And is that Holland himself says that “he has had many cuts and blows from hanging from cables and suffering falls.”

Tom Holland: Uncharted movie has

And as fans of the different Uncharted installments will know, these are video games very focused on action, with levels full of shootings, fights and popcorn action scenes in the purest Hollywood style, some of them really memorable; It is not surprising that the film also bets on this type of sequence.

At the moment, there is not much information about the adaptation of the Uncharted saga to celluloid, beyond a first image of Tom Holland characterized as Nate in the middle of the shooting or the occasional reference and joke of the actor Mark Wahlberg as Sully, the mentor to a young Drake. Let us remember that the production passed through our country in different Mediterranean locations, such as the Alicante town of Xàbia or the Catalan town of Lloret de Mar.

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