Windjammers 2 shows its arcade mode

The sequel to the arcade classic created by DotEmu will not only offer multiplayer fun, it will also bring content designed to play alone.

After helping to revive Streets of Rage in a big way, France’s DotEmu’s next stop is to do the same with Windjammers. The original, created by Data East in 1994, stood out in the arcades by turning a concept similar to PONG into a frenetic sport, where two players faced each other and tried to score goals by throwing discs with all kinds of effects and rebounds.

Arcade mode and return of Steve Miller

Part of its appeal lay in its multiplayer, so that Windjammers 2 now goes online and these days can be tested on Steam thanks to the demo published by the studio. The final version, which will also be released on Switch and Stadia, does not yet have a release date, although to alleviate the wait – or make it worse, depending on how you look at it – DotEmu has released a trailer starring Steve Miller (one of the original launchers) where we can also get our first look at the arcade championship.

As its name predicts, this mode is oriented to a player, since in it we access different challenges against the CPU from a map according to the new aesthetics of hand drawing that the sequel boasts. The tests, in addition, will not be limited to winning, since the game will also reward us for fulfilling more specific objectives, such as using a certain type of throw several times in a match, and it also reveals at least one minigame, based on quickly breaking all discs thrown by a machine.

Windjammers 2 shows its arcade mode

Announced during a 2017 Nintendo Direct, Windjammers 2 was originally scheduled for 2019, but was pushed back to 2020 and in December of that year DotEmu moved the date again. However, this new trailer and demo (available until February 9) hopefully herald a not-too-distant launch.

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