Among Us reaches 100 million downloads; spectacular growth rate

The InnerSloth video game continues to grow and ranks as one of the most downloaded titles today. Stellar game growth.

Among Us has surpassed 100 million downloads since its launch. A recent report by Sensor Tower reflects the exponential growth that the multiplayer title of InnerSloth has experienced, available since 2018, but which for different reasons has a whopping 86.6 million individual downloads only on mobile devices, a large majority registered in recent weeks . The growth compared to just a month ago, compared to August, is 661%.

The title has become a viral phenomenon that, at the beginning of the year, barely had a million downloads worldwide. It was not until August that its growth shot up to reach figures in a few weeks that, at the beginning of September, stood at 41.9 million new users. Few seem in relation to those that exist now. August and the first half of September have been fundamental for the implementation of Among Us in the lists of most downloaded games on mobile devices.

Among Us, more than 70 million downloads in September alone

If at the end of August we were talking about 18.4 million downloads, September has now assumed there are more than 100 million, but by the end of October there will be many more if this trend continues, which, in some days, has exceeded one million daily downloads . Specifically, from September 1 to 14 there was an increase of 127% in the number of new game installations, so that this figure of about 42 million players was reached, but from September 15 to 30 they have arrived 70% of new players remaining.

If we look at earnings – the video game bases its business model on the advertising impressions during the games; On PC you can choose to buy the game to play without advertising—, the US market represents 23.7% of total downloads, 49% of all revenue reported by the title. As usual, the willingness to pay is higher in North America than in the rest of the world. Interestingly, the second country in downloads is Brazil, while the third is Mexico.

Another data that transcends the Sensor Tower report is the upward trend in views on Twitch. Among Us is not only one of the most played video games today, but also one of the most viewed on streaming portals. Between June and July it has grown by 3,200.6%, while now it is difficult to see it far from the Top-5.

Its developers, who are ruling out a sequel for now, are working on a system to eliminate cheaters.

We explain how to download Among Us for free for iOS and Android here; on PC you can play for free with advertising through BlueStacks; the purchase of the complete set is 3.99 euros.

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