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Attack and Dethrone God, so a new meme is born

Attack and Dethrone God, so a new meme is born

We explain the origin of the meme that has been played these days by social networks and its link with video games

In recent days the phrase “Attack and Dethrone God” has been trending on social networks, which could be translated as “Attack and Overthrow God”. As usually happens when a meme is born, many people have been struck by the striking and bombastic expression and have used it to adapt it to different situations, with uneven humorous results but with the usual waste of ingenuity that allows having so many minds occupied in these tasks.

The meme has caught on particularly well among video game fans, as the idea of ​​”killing gods” is more than popular in numerous video games, so there are numerous examples to pull from. Such has been its popularity, that there is already an account called “Can you attack and dethrone god?” (Can you attack and overthrow God?), Made in the image and likeness of the very popular “Can you pet the dog?” (Can you pet the dog?), Where games appear and the question associated with the account about whether or not you can do what it asks is answered.

Among the first installments there are some obvious ones like God of War, but some curious ones, like Kirby Mass Attack, Super 3D Noah’s Ark (in which you can’t obviously, given the Christian character of the title), to give that playful touch that needs a It counts well to cause good feelings and grow at the rate you need. Of course, the problem they have encountered is the subject of spoilers, since “killing gods” is usually associated with final bosses and there is a risk of crushing more than one end whoever visits the account without prior notice (they have already started a vote to delimit the appropriate deadline to release spoilers since its launch).


Attack and Dethrone God, Fox, Meme

The phrase gained popularity through an infographic that appeared on Fox News, the popular American news network, which in a report about a far-left terrorist group active in the 1960s and 1970s, WUO, which starred in several incidents with bombs being sent to by mail to various targets protesting the Vietnam War and other causes of the time (although contrary to what appears on Fox, “Attacking and overthrowing God” was not among those targets, hence the general mischief).

In any case, one more stone in the infinite capacity of the internet to turn the most unsuspected into a viral phenomenon.

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