Dishonored 2, Metro Exodus and Nascar Heat 4, new PS Now games in June

The PlayStation subscription service for PS4 and PC allows you to download the games or enjoy them in streaming.

This week has been an important anniversary. Arkane Studios has blown twenty candles and celebrated her birthday anticipating news of her next project, Deathloop. Now, one of his great works will be added to the PS Now catalog in June, as confirmed by Sony through the official PlayStation blog. This is Dishonored 2, a title that has garnered critical and player favor with a stealth adventure acclaimed for its level design. But it will not come alone, since Metro Exodus and Nascart Heat 4 will also make an appearance.

In Dishonored 2, we handle Empress Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, depending on the character we choose at the beginning of the game. After an aspirant to the throne usurps the crown, the kingdom's fate hangs by a thread. In the shadows, those who previously handled the future of citizens become public enemies. They will have to cross all kinds of locations and avoid multiple enemies if they want to recover what is theirs.

Post apocalyptic worlds and careers

If the world of Dishonored is consumed, it goes without saying that the world of Metro Exodus is not much better. After the nuclear disaster, survivors piling up in the Moscow Metro tunnels fear that the exterior is so polluted that it is impossible to get out without automatically dying. However, some of them are tired of being underground and rush to explore what is beyond the old tunnels. It will be available on PS Now until November 30, 2020.

From post apocalyptic worlds to adrenaline rush. NASCAR Heat 4 is an officially licensed motorsport game that challenges the player behind the wheel. It is developed by Monster Game and includes Career mode and all kinds of multiplayer challenges.

PS Now allows you to download video games on PlayStation 4, while the service on PC only works through streaming.

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