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Embracer Group buys 4A Games, creators of the Metro saga, and 7 more studios

Embracer Group buys 4A Games, creators of the Metro saga, and 7 more studios

The company, owner of THQ Nordic, announces the acquisition and the future of 4A Games, which goes through a new IP and another Metro game with multiplayer mode.

Through its website, Embracer Group has confirmed that it has acquired 100% of the rights of 4A Games through Saber Interactive, a subsidiary of the company. The developer, based in Malta and founded in 2006, has become world famous for the games in the Metro series, adaptations of the books by Dmitri Glujovski. Until now, 4A Games had been operating independently, although it had a good relationship with Embracer Group indirectly, since it had Deep Silver as a distributor, this being another of the companies that are part of Embracer Group. The operation has been closed for about 35 million dollars and includes in its future plans all the members of the study, more than 150 people.

Embracer Group THQ Nordic Purchase

New multiplayer Metro on the way?

The statements of both companies on the agreement confirm that there is a new Metro game on the way … which could also have a multiplayer mode. “Embracer Group and Saber Interactive are the perfect partners for 4A Games and our next phase of growth. Together we will continue to build the Metro franchise and bring a multiplayer experience to our community, ”said Dean Sharpe, CEO of 4A Games. But the thing does not end there, because after Metro Exodus and that new installment, the developer wants to start a new IP with a triple A budget. In this way, Sharpe’s statements continued: “We hope to build a new even more ambitious AAA IP in a Next future”.

Who is the Embracer Group? What does it cover?

The purchase of 4A Games by Embracer Group has been accompanied by seven other acquisitions: DECA Games, New World Interactive, Palindrome Interactive, Pow Wow Entertainment, Sola Media, Rare Earth Games and Vermila Studios, a very young Spanish studio based in Madrid. To understand these movements, it is good to remember that Embracer Group are the new owners of THQ Nordic, and therefore, of more than 100 video game franchises, including names such as Alone in the Dark, Darksiders, Dead Island, Kingdoms of Amalur and Time Splitters. With its new purchases the company owns more than 30 different studios, such as Deep Silver Volition (Saints Row), Piranha Bytes (Gothic) or Warhorse Studios (Kingdom Come: Deliverance). At FreeGameTips we recently collected the 118 games they are preparing, and we reviewed their entire history and acquisitions in the report “The insatiable THQ Nordic: the developer who raises the dead”.

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