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Facebook Gaming presents its new tool: Tournaments

Facebook Gaming presents its new tool: Tournaments

Reach the world starting today

Facebook Gaming today globally launches its new tool, Tournaments, which comes with early access, for all people.

Derived from the tension caused by the social distancing caused by COVID-19, the social network believes that video games, despite being separated, are playing a relevant role in uniting us.

Originally this section was designed as a tool to support tournaments and live gaming events, however, for the past few weeks Facebook has worked to make Facebook Gaming Tournaments help people stay connected through friendly competition with friends, family and communities.

Facebook Gaming presents its new tool: Tournaments

Anyone can create or join a tournament, be it informally among friends, creators who want to play with their community or a global e-sports competition. Categories, leaderboards, and everything in between will happen virtually.

“With everything that is happening in the world today, games help people connect while being entertained. We create products to help people stay connected; from virtual spaces where people can play, to a new tournament platform for friendly competition. In these difficult times, this is more important than ever ”- Fidji Simo, leader of the Facebook application

With these Tournaments as part of Facebook Gaming, creators and broadcasters can host fan qualifiers while broadcasting live. They can create, play and watch competitions in one place. It will also have fundraising tools built into video games, hence tournaments can also be organized to support charitable causes.

Facebook has decided to move ahead with the launch of this feature so that people continue to build community in these difficult times.

To create or find a tournament to participate, click here.

Facebook Gaming presents its new tool: Tournaments

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