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Fortnite Champion Series 2021 Introduces Awards, Format, Game Mode Settings, and More

Fortnite Champion Series 2021 Introduces Awards, Format, Game Mode Settings, and More

Epic Games shares the news of the competitions of its popular battle royale throughout 2021 with all the details, broadcasts and more.

After confirming at the end of 2020 that the Fortnite Champion Series 2021 would be standardized to trios for this new year with the aim of improving the regularity of the competitions, finally Epic Games has shared all the news of the FNCS 2021, the maximum competitive exponent of its popular battle royale, with a total of 20 million dollars in prizes (three more than last year) and a series of details such as the format of the series, the settings of the game mode and other details of the tournament.

All the news of the FNCS 2021

Thus, following community feedback, Epic Games has made a number of improvements and changes to this year’s FNCS. Starting with the multiplatform format, with which the players of the same team will be able to play from different platforms. On the other hand, the weekly qualifiers will have an additional round. Also, a team that reaches the semi-finals will not be able to play any more qualifying rounds. Other new features are:

  • Semifinals and final on alternate weekends for the players to rest.
  • All prizes will be awarded in the final.
  • The top three teams from each region will qualify for next season’s FNCS final (with the same members).
  • FNCS champions and high-level players may be invited to mid-year and end-of-year competitions for more prizes.
  • Changes in the scoring format of the single vs. multiple room.

FNCS Schedule: Chapter 2 – Season 5

  • Qualifier 1: February 4-7
  • Qualifier 2: February 11-14
  • Qualifier 3: February 18-21
  • Week off: February 25-28
  • Semifinals: March 5-7
  • Repechage phase: March 12-13
  • Final: from March 12 to 14

Qualifier format

Each week, the best teams will progress through different rounds of the competition until they reach the final phase, with 33 teams remaining. The top 10 teams from each region that reach the finals will advance to the semifinals. Teams that advance to round 2 will receive points.

Fortnite Champion Series 2021 Introduces Awards, Format, Game Mode Settings, and More

FNCS Awards 2021

Let’s see how the $ 20 million in prizes will be distributed throughout 2021, by region:

  • Europe: $ 1,350,000
  • East Coast of the United States: $ 690,000
  • West Coast of the United States: $ 300,000
  • Brazil: $ 300,000
  • Asia: $ 150,000
  • Middle East: $ 120,000
  • Oceania: $ 90,000

The best FNCS players from each region will also compete in the middle and end of the year to win the remaining $ 8 million in prizes.

Regarding the FNCS broadcasts, they will be offered in a separate format in French, German and Spanish for the servers in Europe; in addition, the regions of the West Coast of the United States and Oceania are added to the existing ones of the East Coast of the United States and Brazil.

Changes in competitive play

The main changes in competitive play include:

  • Incorporation of the lever shotgun.
  • Let’s save the crack fish in the chamber.
  • Let’s store the shock grenades in the chamber.
  • We are going to eliminate the elevators and the OI guards.
  • The ability to dig tunnels in the sand will continue to exist in competitive queues and tournaments as long as it remains in the main game modes, as it is one of the most important new features that have been included with the map this season.
  • We’ve adjusted the number of bars players start with in competitive queues. We will continue to observe how the bar system works and, if it fits the competitions, we will make any adjustments we consider necessary.

Finally, new ways to compete and win prizes are added with solo Saturdays, new adjustments to the Trio Cups with cash prizes and in MTL tournaments and exclusive competitions for consoles.

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