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GTA Online celebrates Valentine’s Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts

GTA Online celebrates Valentine's Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts

Rockstar Games presents the weekly updates to the popular GTA V multiplayer mode with new missions, gifts, bonuses and much more.

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the news of GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time, to welcome the holiday of Valentine’s with great rewards of GTA $ and RP in missions of all kinds, numerous discounts Prime Gaming themes, giveaways, bonuses, and more.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Los Santos

Death do us part is the perfect recipe for the ultimate quad date in GTA Online. Four couples share a life for each one: if your partner dies, so do you. In addition, close close has its reward, since you will regenerate health by staying close to your partner. Settle in and destroy the other couples as soon as they get close.

GTA Online celebrates Valentine's Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts

Triple GTA $ & RP in Shotgun Wedding

A cozy chapel along the shoreline in Paleto Bay is the perfect setting for a quiet ceremony … or a cacophony of chaos and close-quarters combat. Win or lose, in Shotgun Wedding you’ll get triple the usual GTA $ and RP.

GTA Online celebrates Valentine's Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts

Double GTA $ & RP on DJ Missions

Club and rave audiences are always making requests of DJs, so there’s no harm in catering to artists’ wishes from time to time. Stay tuned, as English Dave or Tom Connors may ask for your help to please Moodymann, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax. Fulfill their errands and earn Double GTA $ and RP.

Free champagne at nightclubs

You and Mr. Connors will be happy to know that every nightclub in Los Santos, including The Music Locker, is offering free champagne to their patrons this week. There’s nothing better to keep love in the air than a free bubbly nectar.

GTA Online celebrates Valentine's Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts

Unlock the Buckingham Luxe T-shirt

If you manage to complete the Heist of Cayo Perico (or any other final blow) and escape in one piece, you will receive the free Buckingham Luxe T-shirt as a reward.

Roulette of fortune prize

Stop by the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort and take advantage of the daily spin of the Wheel of Fortune to win GTA $, RP, clothing, mystery items and much more. This week’s podium grand prix is ​​the Vapid Dominator GTX, a racing car that could feed off pure toxic masculinity.

GTA Online celebrates Valentine's Day with numerous rewards, discounts and gifts


If you want to make this week a special occasion, take advantage of the 30% general discount on all Valentine’s content, such as the Gusenberg Sweeper and Valentine’s outfits in clothing stores. If you have enjoyed the atmosphere at The Music Locker and are interested in making your debut in the business life of the night, take advantage of the 40% discount in nightclubs and the 30% discount on their improvements and renovations:

  • Albany Roosevelt and Roosevelt Value: 40% off
  • All nightclubs – 40% off
  • Buckingham Valkyrie – 40% off
  • Ocelot Swinger – 40% off
  • Buckingham Luxor and Luxor Deluxe – 40% off
  • Buckingham Swift and Swift Deluxe – 40% off

Prime Gaming bonuses

GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive free sonar from the Kosatka Submarine, plus GTA $ 200,000 just for playing anytime this week. Plus, Prime Gaming members will receive exclusive offers such as a 35% discount on the Annihilator Stealth Helicopter and an impressive 70% discount on the Progen Tyrus supercar.

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