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GTA Online: New Armored Truck, Big Rewards in Cayo Perico, Gifts and More

GTA Online: New Armored Truck, Big Rewards in Cayo Perico, Gifts and More

Rockstar Games presents the weekly updates to the popular GTA V multiplayer mode, this time with bonuses, races, discounts and much more.

One more week, Rockstar Games brings us the news of GTA Online, the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time with new content such as the new Mammoth Squaddie armored truck, 50% more rewards in the Heist to Cayo Perico, triple GTA $ & RP in Issi Classic races, a free Enus Yeti cap for logging in, the armored Enus Paragon R as a wheel of fortune jackpot, discounts on a wide selection of vehicles and Prime Gaming bonuses.

Bonuses on Hitting Cayo Perico

If you want to enjoy yourself in the sands of Cayo Perico, this week the costs of the preparations for the Heist of Cayo Perico are free, and you will earn 50% more GTA $ and RP apart from the loot of the final mission, play alone or as a team . And if you have not yet faced the new blow, dare a 25% discount on the Kosatka submarine, which will also serve as your base of operations.

Mammoth Squaddie Armored Truck

You are long past the time of playing soldier with other kids. Now you play soldiers with adults. And is there anything more grown-up than a high-five before squeezing into a bare-chested armored van and mimicking the sound of an engine accelerating? It’s like the old days, only your mom isn’t there to make your appetizers. Civilians can now purchase the Mammoth Squaddie at Warstock Cache & Carry.

GTA Online: New Armored Truck, Big Rewards in Cayo Perico, Gifts and More

Triple rewards in Issi Classic races

The Issi Classic is the epitome of classic British sophistication: elegant, tasteful and prone to capsizing at high speeds. Get behind the wheel of this tiny but tough car in any of the Issi Classic races to win triple until February 10.

GTA Online: New Armored Truck, Big Rewards in Cayo Perico, Gifts and More

Podium Vehicle: Armored Enus Paragon R

This week’s grand prize is the armored Enus Paragon R with the Working Hard cover (previously only available as a prize for completing all 6 casino missions as a host). It is a presence that will intimidate anyone who has the misfortune to catch a red light with you.

GTA Online: New Armored Truck, Big Rewards in Cayo Perico, Gifts and More

Unlock the Enus Yeti Cap

Whether you win a new Enus at The Diamond’s Wheel of Fortune or not, this week when playing GTA Online you can show your loyalty to the brand with the gift Enus Yeti Cap.


If you’re going to storm the Rubio complex, look no further – the Kosatka submarine and its upgrades (including remote-controlled missiles, sonar, and weapons workshop) are still on sale. There are also discounts on vehicles, including the Issi Classic.

  • Submarine Kosatka and its improvements – 25% discount
  • Ocelot Stromberg – 30% off
  • Pegassi Toreador – 25% off
  • Weeny Issi Classic – 40% off
  • Överflöd Entity XXR – 30% off

Prime Gaming Advantages

GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive free sonar from the Kosatka Submarine, plus GTA $ 200,000 just for playing anytime this week. Plus, Prime Gaming members will receive exclusive offers such as a 35% discount on the Annihilator Stealth Helicopter and an impressive 70% discount on the Progen Tyrus supercar.

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