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Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, “very happy” with the price of PS5 without disc player

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, "very happy" with the price of PS5 without disc player

Jim Ryan makes clear the merit he thinks the company has achieved by launching its new console at the same price as PS4 in 2013, 399 euros.

It has not been the ideal year to launch a new console, as Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has recognized numerous times, although initial sales of the PS5 are showing that the public was eager for a new generation. One of the keys to this has been, according to Ryan himself, the price of the console model without a disc reader, about which he has declared that he is “very happy” that they have been able to offer it at those 399 dollars / euros.

The same price as 7 years ago

According to him, it has a lot of merit to be able to launch a console with the same specifications as the disc player model at the price of a PlayStation 4 at the time of its launch, that is, 399 euros in 2013.

“We completed our product line at the end of last year, and our favorite price was determined earlier this year, before the lockdown,” Ryan said in an interview. “We just did what we wanted to do.”

Jim Ryan

Ryan has also insisted that the price of both models was decided from the beginning of 2020, without the events that occurred due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus having influenced a posteriori.

“No, the price never changed,” he says. “We have been able to launch the PS5 at 399 euros or dollars, with all the power and features of the console, at the same price as PS4 in 2013. That is very important to us, and I am very happy that we were able to achieve it. That number worked very well for us last time, and we would like it to do it again this time. ”

In addition, Ryan has also advanced that PS5 will receive a number of exclusive games in its first months greater than what PS4 received, warning that the 2021 launch line-up “will be at a different level than any we have seen before.”

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