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Meripodcast 13×31: The magazines of our lives

Meripodcast 13x31: The magazines of our lives

We dedicated this week's program to review the magazines that have formed an indivisible part of our lives as players.

If video games are part of our lives, the magazines that started and fanned that fire from our childhood are no less so. Today we live in a constant bombardment of information and perhaps we do not appreciate it as then, but there was a time when the monthly magazines that arrived at kiosks and stationeries were the only showcase that we knew to know a little more about video games: what was to come? in the future, how good what had just come, or what deserved our attention.

When buying a video game was something we could only afford very occasionally, magazines were our most loyal companions, a window full of images and text about games we'd like to play, machines unreachable for us, and exotic imports that made our world bigger. and mysterious. They were our partners every month and were devoured for weeks as a new issue arrived, making those games take on a dimension in our heads hard to reach in these times when the information is so ephemeral and we can hardly process a news when we are already in The next.

For all this and more, here we talk and pay tribute to all those magazines and their redcatores whose work served to make the video game increasingly popular. We talk about the classic paper magazines, from Micro Hobby to the incombustible Hobby Consoles and Micro Mania, going through classic headlines such as Super Games, Nintendo Action, Official Playstation, Loading, GameType, Official Xbox, Game Live and many others. Join us on a journey through time down the spine that brought thousands of players together for generations.

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Chris Watson is a gaming expert and writer. He has loved video games since childhood and has been writing about them for over 15 years. Chris has worked for major gaming magazines where he reviewed new games and wrote strategy guides. He started his own gaming website to share insider tips and in-depth commentary about his favorite games. When he's not gaming or writing, Chris enjoys travel and hiking. His passion is helping other gamers master new games.

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