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MeriPodcast 13×32: PS5 event postponed; final impressions The Last of Us Part 2

MeriPodcast 13x32: PS5 event postponed; final impressions The Last of Us Part 2

Once again we attended our weekly appointment with the Meristation podcast.

We come back one more week with your weekly appointment with the canned radio. After reviewing the video game magazines of our lives, we reviewed the cancellation of the presentation event of the first PS5 games as a gesture of solidarity after the new acts of police violence against black people in the United States. A movement, the Black Lives Matter, of which we comment on how their reaction has been in the video game sector.

We also talked about the news of Hideo Kojima, who acknowledges having canceled a project recently, Capcom’s plans with Resident Evil now that its 25th anniversary is approaching, the imminent expansion pass of Pokemon Sword / Shield and, finally, we tell you about our First impressions with The Last of Us Part 2, which we have already been able to finish and it is time to delve into some of the aspects they let us talk about (only gameplay, without spoilers of any kind!).

Sergio submits to questions from Paula, Arashi, Alejandro and Borja in order to get a little closer to the doubts of the whole community. Will it be as groundbreaking a game as the first part? On June 19 we will leave doubts. We also read your comments on the previous program and we tell you everything that we are playing, which is not a small thing in these months where great releases are gradually approaching.

Accompany Arashi, Paula, Alejandro, Borja and Sergio Carlos in this last May program, which brings us closer and closer to learning about the new console generation.

Thanks for listening to the MeriPodcast. We remember that you can listen to each program on YouTube, iVoox, iTunes.

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