Meripodcast 14x20: THE LEGEND OF SIR ARTHUR

The Meripodcast Retro team gathers to discuss a legendary franchise now returning in the form of Ressurection.

Sometimes, large companies are also capable of offering us small great satisfactions to lovers of sagas forgotten in the passage of time. Many years had passed since the appearance of a new Ghouls’n Ghosts, but Capcom has seen fit to offer us a new installment from the hands of the creator of the series, Tokuro Fujiwaram, in the form of Resurrection, a title that has just appeared for Switch and that has garnered quite positive reviews and a wave of admiration and appreciation from fans, who are enjoying this new distillation of the essence that made this series one of the most important of its time.

To celebrate, the Meripodcast Retro team meets once again to talk, of course, about the roots of this classic from the Osaka company. We will discuss our first forays into the very difficult original machine, Ghosts’n Goblins, an “eight thousand” of the arcade games back in the day. We will go on to admire the brilliance and superiority of its sequel, the wonderful Ghouls’n Ghost and we will also talk about multiple conversions in different machines such as Mega Drive or Super Nintendo, the music of the game in its respective versions, its difficulty and game structure , and we will even have the opportunity to chat about the more contemporary versions such as Ultimate or Resurrection itself.

And in addition, we are releasing a small variation of the Meripodcast format, in which its members, Juan Arenas, Joaquín Relaño, Sergi “Motenai”, Carlos Forcada and Francisco Alberto Serrano not only limit themselves to talking to each other with a microphone, but also share at the same time images and music to comment on the progress, which allows us to focus on certain details, especially acoustic, which are available to all our listeners. A variation that we hope will give rise to new and richer debates around our love for yesterday’s video game.

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