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NBA 2K21 explains how they have improved movement on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

NBA 2K21 explains how they have improved movement on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

The gameplay director breaks down some of the news that we can find in this version for the new generation.

The next generation version of NBA 2K21 continues to outline its novelties. In the same article that revealed how the adaptive triggers and haptic technology of the PS5 DualSense controller have been implemented, improvements in player movement have also been detailed. In this way, both those who play on the Sony console and those who enjoy video games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will have the opportunity to experience everything that Visual Concepts and 2K Games have integrated.

Mike Wang, gameplay director of the game, has been delighted with the arrival of the new systems. According to his words, the study has dedicated a lot of resources to improve movement on and off the ball.

So are the movements in NBA 2K21

As for ball movements, “we have redesigned the dribbling movement from scratch for the new generation and the difference is abysmal. We have kept the concept of custom styles that we introduced a couple of years ago, but other than that everything has been redesigned so that the feeling with the ball in your hands is completely different. ” As if that were not enough, they promise that they have greatly improved the movement on the post and protection. However, what he likes is “how predictable and consistent it is. It is much easier to go to the exact point on the track where you want to go and do it as you had planned ”. No more involuntary spinning or looking to the wrong side. Neither will they take long to reach maximum speed or will make failed cuts. “Using the same motor as dribbling with the Pro Stick, the dribbling motion and the dribbling motions themselves work together seamlessly. Player speed and weight perception give a more realistic feel. It’s a very complete set, and it has made me enjoy the game much more ”. Further:

  • On the other hand, defense and off-the-ball play, whose movement is controlled by the movement motor, has also been reinforced. These are some of the improvements that have been implemented:
  • Contextual unique movement resources for different basketball situations (stops in transition, players preparing to run the fast break, spacing on the perimeter) that make players look more alive and more attentive on the court.
  • The trajectory, cuts and parries have been improved to better anchor the defenders to the ground, which solves much of the slip problems of the previous generation.
  • General improvements in stability and response to movements. In other words, there is more fluidity and the movements of the players are more faithful to what you do with the sticks.
  • Updated player size detection logic and increased emphasis on differences between players. The big ones move like big and the small ones, like small ones. This involves many new animations to reflect custom movement styles.
  • Tapping the left stick allows you to take small quick steps that will come in handy to adjust your defensive position a bit.

The studio was aware that slipping into basketball is not good, but they have had to contend with technological limitations … until now. “2K21 has made a gigantic leap in this area in the new generation. Our engineers have completely redesigned the technology of planting the feet and the visual difference is impressive when you compare the current generation and the new one. ” Players take small steps instead of sliding if they correct a movement on the fly.

Contact with the ball is defined as “the interactions between the player carrying the ball and his defender”, something very difficult to balance. His goal with this delivery was to improve ball and defensive movement. “If a player tries to head into the defender, he will either stop short, foul in attack, or lose the ball. When the attacker tries to pass his pair, but he defends him well, there will be a more realistic interaction, and neither of them will feel that they are ‘stuck’ ”. Slower defenders will find that the attacker easily overtakes them, so if they force contact late they are likely to risk a foul whistle. “Skilful attackers will also be able to make a quick stop in the middle of an inning and block the defender more effectively, so getting into the zone isn’t just a matter of speed.”

To reproduce off-the-ball contact, the developers have completely redesigned the system. Includes chance contacts, tougher shocks, and more. “What I like the most about these collisions can be seen in the new interactions in lockdown. The ‘vacuum blockages’ so common in basketball games, in which the blocks sucked up defenders and forced them to collide, are now a thing of the past. “

NBA 2K21, which will be released on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, will do the same on PS5 starting on November 19. Then, players can also enjoy the benefits of the Impact Engine, which has transformed contacts in a much more realistic way.

Source | 2K Games (press release)

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