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NBA 2K21: Season 3 starts in My Team, all the rewards

NBA 2K21: Season 3 starts in My Team, all the rewards

The third season. Season of Giving, gives us the opportunity to get the first Galaxy Opal card in NBA 2K21, with Dwayne Wade being its protagonist.

Almost coinciding with the arrival of the new consoles, NBA 2K21, one of the games of the last generation with a more evident improvement in the current one, premieres Season 3 of My Team. After finishing the second, for more than a month we can accumulate experience to get some of the many rewards that are offered at different levels. Let’s see them all.

All My Team rewards in Season 3

The star card of this third season, known as Season of Giving, will already be a Galaxy Opal, with none other than Dwayne Wade as the protagonist. The legend of the Miami Heat will be present at level 40, but along the way we can get hold of these as we progress, in addition to obtaining envelopes, badges, tokens, etc …:

  • Level 1: Lebron James Free Agent, 95 average
  • Level 7: Alex Caruso Oro, 79 on average
  • Level 13: Leandro Barbosa Esmeralda, 83 average
  • Level 20: Anderson Varejao Sapphire, 86 average
  • Level 24: Dee Brown Ruby, 89 average
  • Level 28: Rudy Tomjanovich Amethyst, 91 on average
  • Level 33: Shane Battier Diamond, 94 average

NBA 2K21

The Triple Threat Offline board has also been updated, with a letter from Michael Finley Pink Diamond upon reaching 600 wins, and the Triple Threat Online rewards panel, with the possibility of obtaining an Antoine Walker Diamond at the highest levels.

As for the main online modes, if we get all the rings in the Limited mode we can get a Pink Diamond card from Aaron Gordon (96 on average), while at the maximum level of Unlimited we will also find a Pink Diamond card with a 96 rating , in this case by Andre Iguodala. As for the offline challenges, the season begins with a series of 10 themed matches both Triple Threat and 5 vs 5 reviewing the career of Shaquille O’Neal. To do this, you will have to obtain the card from the charismatic center of Magic, Lakers or Heat, and as a final prize we will have an Amethyst card from Dennis Scott.

Finally, the token market has also been updated, with Amethyst cards such as Hersey Hawkins or Tyrone Hill, Antonio Davis or Hal Greer Diamond, or Maurice Lucas Pink Diamond.

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