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PS5: Amazon UK lists three games from Koch Media, Konami and 2K

PS5: Amazon UK lists three games from Koch Media, Konami and 2K

Will games from these companies be shown during the June 11 event on PS5?

Amazon UK has blown up the hare and let users’ imaginations run wild. The tangible facts are that the portal lists three PS5 games from three companies: Konami, Take Two (2K) and Koch Media. Nothing more is known about this and the price of two of them at £ 69.99, minus that of Koch Media which is at £ 59.99. This is not the first time this has happened as they listed other Rockstar, Bandai Namco and Bethesda games that were eventually removed. Will these games be the ones that will be seen in the PS5 event tomorrow at 10pm?

The event on June 11 at 10pm will be focused on showing the first PS5 video games, and expectations are high. What seems likely is that if there is a Take Two game, it will be a sports game since it is the 2K division. Of the other two cases, it will be missing to see where the shots go, since in the case of Koch Media they are publishers of a large number of companies, so the range of possibilities is enormous.

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A first class game?

We are in the field of betting, but the fact that Koch Media Spain has asked users to turn on the camera, micro and record their reactions during the future of video games on PS5 seems to show that some saga and no less will be present within of the studies distributed by Koch Media during the appointment. They will make a draw among the participants in this initiative.

They’re not the only ones recommending watching the June 11 event. The Dead Space writer has also said that it is a good time to know what the future holds for us, since he has been working on a new video game for two years.

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