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The creators of Metro explore multiplayer concepts in this universe

The creators of Metro explore multiplayer concepts in this universe

The latest installment in the series will be updated in 2021 to offer visual and performance improvements on Xbox Series X / S and PS5.

Metro Exodus went on sale in 2019, but its life cycle is not yet over. 4A Games, the studio responsible for the saga, has announced that it is working on a free update for PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Its launch, scheduled for 2021, will add improvements of all kinds to take advantage of the hardware. Meanwhile, the developers continue to work on possible new concepts. The company has celebrated the tenth anniversary of the saga with an entry in which they have confirmed that they want to promote the multiplayer component.

As part of the Embracer Group, the company that owns THQ Nordic and Koch Media, the developer maintains a collaboration agreement with Saber Interactive. 4A Games acknowledges that “it has always been an ambition” for the studio, but that they have never been able to “commit” until now. Saber Interactive will help to materialize this purpose, as confirmed on the official website.

They will not abandon singleplayer games

“We know that some of our fans are concerned when multiplayer is mentioned.” However, they are not looking to come up with a multiplayer concept for the sake of doing so, nor are they to stop developing story-driven Metro experiences.

β€œWe will need to focus on a team dedicated exclusively to the online component,” he says, β€œand this is what our new partnership with Saber Interactive can provide us; years of experience, technology and knowledge on how to realize our ambitions ”. Anyway, these ideas are still in the embryonic stage. “None of these thoughts mean that our next Metro game is multiplayer only,” nor does it mean that the game incorporates singleplayer and multiplayer into a single package.

The future of Metro is assured. In addition to the next-generation version of Metro Exodus, which will add better framerate and ray tracing, 4A Games is immersed in the development of a new chapter in the saga, about which nothing is known yet. We will therefore have to wait for the project to continue to evolve. Time will tell whether or not it comes with multiplayer.

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