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Valorant Episode 2: 2.0 Patch Notes, Battle Pass, Ash Pack, and More

Valorant Episodio 2 Pase de batalla paquete Cenizas precio contenido duración

We tell you all the news that comes to Valorant with its episode 2, in addition to what is related to the battle pass and the Ashes package.

Riot Games recently introduced Yoru, a new character that will be available on Valorant starting this Tuesday, January 12. It does not come alone, since a new patch is already available to bring a good handful of news to the company’s shooter. For this reason, here is a summary of all this content that comes with Episode 2 to welcome Yoru, balance the rest of the characters with their inclusion in the controllable character roster, and more.

Episode 2 Battle Pass and Ashes Pack; price, content and duration

  • Duration: from Tuesday, January 12 to March 1, 2021
  • Price: 5946 PV (Ashes Package).
  • Battle Pass Contents: 12 Weapon Skins, a Melee Weapon Skin, Weapon Charms, Gamer Cards, Graffiti, Titles, and these Featured Items: Phantom Infinity and its three variants, Classic Infinity and its three variants, Operator Aerosol , Melee Outpost, Salt Shaker Weapon Amulet, Graffiti Choose My Weapon, VERSUS // Omen + Sage Player Card.
  • Ashes Pack Contents: Five weapon skins: Ghost Sovereign, Phantom Oni, Specter Prime, Ares Nebula, and Operator Spline.

Valorant Episode 2 Battle Pass Ashes pack price content duration

Valorant Patch Notes – Episode 2

  • Controllers: “We are going to make the strengths of Omen and Brimstone clearer and with the change we hope that both agents will be a good fit in different situations for the players. We are also keeping a close eye on Viper. It seems to us that it is not performing what it should, so we are looking for ways to modify it for the future ”.


  • Stimulating Beacon: Now has fast cast (no equipment time).
  • Molotov: Cost reduced: 300 >>> 200.
  • Smoke Screen: Increases the range of the cast: 4200 >>> 5000. Increases the duration of the smoke: 14.25 >>> 19.25.
  • Sound: Brimstone no longer makes a sound that enemies can hear when confirming the location of his smoke screens.


  • Paranoia: cost increases: 200 >>> 400.
  • Dark Veil: Projectile speed reduced: 4000 >>> 2800.

Valorant Episode 2 Battle Pass Ashes pack price content duration

Weapon upgrades

Classic (alternate shot)

  • Increase the accuracy reduction when shooting in jump: 0.4 >>> 1.0.
  • Increase the input queue with the right click: 0.065 >>> 0.225.
  • Now shooting straight increases the margin of error; in the first burst it is 1.9, in the second it is 2.5, and in the third and fourth it is set to 6.
  • Right click now has a recovery curve that starts at 0.1 s.

Competitive Mode Updates

  • New Regional Leaderboards for Competitive Mode (January 12).
  • The rank system (including numerical progress and rank progress bar) has been updated. We have also implemented other changes to the distribution to make it easier to move up from the lower ranks.
  • For the Immortal and Radiant ranks, prebuilt groups are now capped at two members.
  • New ranked rewards for Episode 1 (a pair of Weapon Charms based on the highest Act Rank you have achieved during Episode 1).


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Omen to sometimes teleport behind the barriers in the purchase phase.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Omen to place the Spike from the top of a Sage wall.
  • Fixed an issue where players from the opposing team could be seen on the minimap long after leaving line of sight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the desktop not to recover its resolution after pressing Alt + Tab from the game in full screen mode if it was played with a resolution below the native one. Thanks to fl0m for showing us!
  • Fixed a bug implemented in version 1.14 that incorrectly calculated the client ping when including the client’s frame range in the count.

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