Win a PS5 playing Bubble Shooter thanks to eGoGames!

Test your skills with Bubble Shooter from January 15 to February 12 and get a PS5 totally free thanks to eGoGames. All the details.

2021 arrives and eGoGames launches a tournament where you can win … a PS5 !. As they already did in their Christmas tournament, now you can take the new PS5 showing your skill in Bubble Shooter from January 15 to February 12.

Do you want it? Playing is very simple.

PS5 playing Bubble Shooter thanks to eGoGames

  • Download Bubble Shooter at this link. If your mobile is Android, click on “Download” and you will download the APK file to install the game.
  • Log in, you can do it with your Google account, Apple and even with Facebook. You can also log in if you already have an eGoGames user.
  • You are already in the game! Complete the tutorial and enjoy the tournament.
  • Entry into this tournament is free for any user, but it is not the only type of competition available. In addition, you can participate in eSports competitions in 1v1 format, elimination tournaments or other special events that will take you to the top of the league.

    These competitions are 100% skill-based, that is, every time the game matches you with a rival, it will be of a similar level and you will both play the same screen; in this way, skill as the only factor to achieve victory. As if it were a traditional sport.

    Do you want more? Every month they will have a tournament of this type in one of their games where you can win prizes in kind or real money.

    If you want to know more about eGoGames, how to win prizes in their mobile eSports competitions, their games or tournaments, visit

    You can follow them on social networks to be aware of all the special tournaments and prizes they have prepared.

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