6 games to download and play for free this weekend

We collect the best games to play for free this weekend, temporarily or permanently, such as Pillars of Eternity or Gears 5.

After the hangover from The Game Awards comes the weekend, and with it the opportunity, as usual, to enjoy a good handful of games completely free of charge. Thanks to Xbox Free Play Days, Epic Games weekly rotation or new free to play game releases on Steam, we can spend these days enjoying some good titles without spending a single penny, being able to keep some of them forever. Let’s see them:

Pillars of Eternity, PC

At the time the greatest success in Kickstarter history with the name Project Eternity, Obisidan was able to, starting from the bases of the classic top-down RPG, create a game capable of seducing new fans. With a dense narrative – we will spend a lot of time reading descriptions and dialogue – and a very deep combat and progress system both, Pillars of Eternity is an absolute must for fans of the role. You can download it totally free from this link on the Epic Games Store and keep it in your library.

Pillars of Eternity

Tyranny, PC

This week we have a double ration of classic role-playing in the Epic Games Store, and it is that the store of the creators of Fortnite allows us to get another RPG from Obsidian. In this case we are talking about Tyranny, after Pillars of Eternity, it stands out for the ability of its world to react to the player’s decisions, and being also a game with a very remarkable story, it simplifies some playable aspects of the previous game from the studio. Still, more than recommended, and even more so being free until next week. Available at this link.


Metro 2033 Redux, Xbox One and Xbox Series

It is never a bad time to discover the origin of one of the IP shooter with the most personality of the last decade, based on the successful literary saga of the Russian Dmitry Glukhovski. Set in the Moscow subway, where humanity survives radiation and creatures from outside, this review with improved graphics proposes a more developed story than usual in the genre, as well as survival aspects such as the peculiarity of using bullets as currency of this literary universe. Available thanks to the Xbox Free Play Days.

Metro 2033

Gears 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series

After a conservative installment but one that made it clear where the saga was going to be directed from the point of view -to present a new plethora of protagonists-, The Coalition was able to truly leave its mark on Gears 5. This fifth installment is the structure more open, with one of the longest running campaigns and with Kait taking over from JD in the lead role. With a very complete multiplayer, we have a few hours ahead to find out thanks to the Xbox Free Play Days, before the arrival of its additional content Hivebusters.

Gears 5

Book of Demons, Xbox One and Xbox Series

What at first glance looks like another clone of Diablo turns out to be a title with nice aesthetics and other playable variables such as card collecting and a peculiarity such as the possibility of choosing the size of each mission, adapting it to our playing time to every session. It lacks a point to reach higher heights, since it is something short and repetitive, but it is a proposal with its original touches in a genre in which it is increasingly difficult to innovate. Free thanks to Xbox Free Play Days.

Book of Demons

Nomads of Driftland, PC

A few days ago this new free to play strategy game arrived on Steam, which was initially going to be an additional content for Driftland: The Magic Revival, but due to the great differences with the base game, the Star Drifters studio decided to launch it as a game. standalone. A little simpler than this, Nomads of Driftland is included in the real time strategy subgenre, and puts us in the role of the Nomads, who will try to avoid the dominance of the new order that would once end our planet. Available at this link.

Nomads of Driftland

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