All the Spider-Man movies ordered from worst to best [2021]

All the Spider-Man movies ordered from worst to best [2021]

From the original Tobey Maguire movies to Tom Holland and A New Universe, what’s the best Spider-Man movie?

Spider-Man is one of the most important superheroes of all time, a figure born in 1963 by the hand of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko capable of generating more than 387 million dollars through his more than 13,500 numbers; a superhero who also has a long history in videogames, who likes and who is congenial with both audiences. That is why he is a transmedia character, because he knows how to adapt to all kinds of cultural formats.

Spider-Man, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as well, have gotten Marvel out of several trouble; both in the main storyline thanks to unforgettable story arcs between staples, as well as the Ultimate representation, whose depth was such that everything ended up being conjugated in the same canonical spectrum. The cinema, which is the protagonist today, has happened to no less than two reboots, a total of three bites, plus a superb animated film called A New Universe.

From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, Spider-Man has made about a dozen forays into modern cinema; from the initial saga of Sam Raimi to the current framework of the wall-crawler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many different visions, all of them equally valid, but not all feature films have been equally memorable. In this report we are going to review from worst to best all the Spider-Man movies to date and where you can currently see them. And you, which one do you prefer?

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8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro

The second (and last) part of The Amazing Spider-Man was a want and can’t. After the foundations of the original work of 2014, Marc Webb’s team risked its purpose to include no less than two great protagonists; something we already saw in Raimi’s third. Again, it went wrong. The power of Electro becomes very long (142 minutes) for wanting to cover so much and tell, in reality, things with so many ups and downs of rhythm.

Its reception at the box office was very modest, affected by specialized criticism that did not invite optimism. The cast of actors, like the well-chosen original, was drowned out by its overabundance of characters. Andrew Garfield found himself much more comfortable in the figure of Parker and in the role of Spider-Man, which is sensational and allowed him to gain many followers. There was plenty of potential for a definitive third party; the problem is that a movie is much more than just its protagonist.

If we had to stay with something, surely this film will be remembered for serving as a faithful tribute to Gwen Stacy, with an Emma Stone to remove the hat. The rest? Electro, very improvable, or an ending that no matter how many times you see it, it still gives the feeling of being rushed, as if it lacked time … despite having dedicated 120 minutes before. Many things failed and talent wasted.

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7. Spider-Man 3

Spider-man 3

Spider Man 3 was undoubtedly a missed opportunity. The finally introduction of Venom as the backbone of the story at the end of this trilogy was powerful on paper in presenting the impact of the symbiote on Peter’s personality, but it did not materialize properly. His pace was erratic and the arc started from the end of the first film with Harry Osborn, whose twist in this film remains difficult to understand, was absolutely wasted.

This third part of the Raimi saga, released in theaters in 2007, was a box office success; It was not for less, with so much and international success of the character and even digesting the excellent Spider-Man 2 of 2004. But no. Despite having very good sequences at key moments, the subplots ended up loading the most important thing.

The feeling of disappointment was total and, over time, even more aggravated when the fourth part was canceled. If there had been a Raimi Spider-Man 4, perhaps the redemption of some characters would have been closed on top, this third being understood as the first part of something else. There was not. We will be left with the desire to know how Maguire would have evolved, an actor with actors and detractors almost in equal parts.

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6. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

The 2012 reboot of the character with The Amazing Spider-Man gave rise to all kinds of opinions because, in a way, it was inevitable to compare Andrew Garfield to Tobey Maguire; even being totally different. The Amazing Spider-Man was directed by Marc Webb, whose vision of Parker was, in a way (and paradoxical as it may be from the nomenclature) much more like Bendis with Ultimate in the comics. This time it is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) the platonic love, and that is surely the best thing about the film: the synergy between the two. It worked like a charm.

Now, going back to the spider bite was not worth anyway, starting with the selection of Lizard as a villain. Lack of charisma, lack of development … it was impossible to empathize with him and his motivations; away from Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius ​​de Raimi.

The Amazing Spider-Man was, actually, hard to justify in context. We needed something more, although it was not a bad movie. Darkness well transmitted, but his drama was unfinished; you do not finish believing what happens. As a cover letter it was simply remarkable, only there was a lack of risks. When you put all your effort into developing the romantic relationship of two characters and ignore other essential elements of the superhero (he planted for the bridge scene, that would be more), the bittersweet feeling is absolutely inevitable. Recommended, but its sequel only made things worse.

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5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man: Homecoming

We arrive at the beginning of the stage of Tom Holland, the young British actor who, to make matters worse, will continue to have the face of a child surely even in his thirties. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it is important to adapt the actor to his most suitable role. The decision? To turn to a very young, inexperienced Spider-Man, with the concerns of a teenager and a sense of humor that, at least for now, is combining very well with the drama.

Spidef-Man: Homecoming arrived in 2017, but we already knew this Spider-Man. Being the vision of Jon Watts (produced by Jon Favreau) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically with his debut in Captain America: Civil War, we already knew that this was not a senior superhero, but a junior; the kind he has yet to stumble upon before being the captain of an eventual new Avengers union in Phases 4 and 5. Homecoming is innocent, it is tender, but also conscious.

The cast is worthy of Hollywood: Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Holland himself … Being a second reboot and having treated the darkness of the character with Garfield, here we opted for color, fun and the most childish touch . This, as you can imagine, aroused opinions for all tastes. But Holland was Holland, and that has made it easier for him to be given the benefit of the doubt in this movie, being a guy adored by the great masses.

The best thing about the film is Keaton, who acts as the father of one of Parker’s potential love affairs and as a villain, The Vulture. We did not have the fourth of Raimi, which was going to feature The Vulture, one of the most veteran and insistent villains in the comic; However, here he established himself as one of the most charismatic enemies of the entire series. Sublime. We can’t think of a better actor for this role. It is difficult not to leave the cinema with a certain smile when watching this movie if you like the wall-crawler, although it lacked that epic look that scratched the excellence. What was missing? Risk was lacking, being at the level of what the UCM had accustomed us that last five years since Avengers. Not surprisingly, Homecoming was successful.

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4. Spider-Man


The movie that started it all. Sam Raimi at the controls to bring Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man to the big screen. It was not just any moment. After a decade of real hardships for the House of Ideas both in sales and in the development of many of its biggest characters, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s star franchise was revived in theaters shortly after Brian Michael Bendis hit the table with Ultimate Spider-Man, launching the modern parallel universe as a reboot with new energy.

Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire, arrived surrounded by skepticism, but it also did so by opening the doors to millions of young people who were growing up at that time without a clear idol in the form of a superhero. X-Men, Hulk and many others, mostly from Sony, made their way into the seventh art, but Spider-Man was the trigger for a phenomenon that we now cannot conceive of is absent in digital entertainment; either movies or series.

The passage of the years has damaged some of the special effects of Spider-Man; although the truth is that what is essential, what is important, remains. Because all the components of the film add up and contribute enough so that now, almost twenty years later, we continue to remember some of its scenes as if we had seen them for the first time now. Sensational J. K. Simmons as Jameson; WIllem Dafoe proud as the Green Goblin and Tobey Maguire believing himself the figure he represented. The role played by Maguire is recognizable with the “pringado” personality that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko drew, as John Romita, who would take over in 1966, made Parker more popular at his university.

There are elements attributable to this film, of course. But it was the first, the one that risked both in idea and cast, and managed to establish the foundations of a trilogy to remember. Its beginning and, above all, its end, form a film that closed very well what Uncle Ben said: understanding the responsibility of being Spider-Man, with all that it entails.

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3. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home

Released in July 2019 with Jon Watts directing, this sequel produced by the couple Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal was more balanced than the original from this stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As with Raimi, forgetting to explain the spider bite allowed us to see a more mature Tom Holland, as did Zendaya as MJ or Jacob Batalon as Ned.

It is important to understand the context in which Spider-Man: Far From Home is situated and why it is, in a way, a kind of spin-off for the MCU, as much as it is completely canonical and important to the Parker of this universe. We are eight months after Avengers: Endgame, before starting what we now understand as Phase 4; so Marvel decided to give fans a break with this trip to Europe on vacation to… rest. Simply that, assimilate the loss of a loved one and change of scene.

But those airs ended up being somewhat more moved than expected. And that’s where the investigation of a storm interrupted by Quentin Beck, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart: Mysterio comes into play. After stellar moments in the comic and appearances as the main villain in video games such as Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace (GBA, 2001), the truth is that the role of Jake Gyllenhaal was very good. Unlike Homecoming, where there were valley moments, here time is used much better and we have truly spectacular scenes. The script did not fail (although the first half of the film can be greatly improved), we saw a very whole Holland, a Marisa Tomei as Aunt May again more than remarkable and some critics that speak for themselves, with an approval rating 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. With Spider-Man 3 scheduled for this December 17th, everything invites us to think that —after the end of Far From Home— a truly interesting third episode awaits us.

In this article we talk about all the appearances of Mysterio in video games.

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2. Spider-Man 2

Spider-man 2
Spider-man 2

Considered by virtually everyone to be the best film in the original Sam Raimi trilogy, this sequel improved almost everything on the original. It was released in 2004, two years after the original, but this time there was no need to worry about losing part of the footage explaining the origin of everything. The public knew how the first part ended and what this meant in the figure of Harry Osborn, so the thirst for revenge against the figure of Spider-Man was the leitmotif of this production, not the only one. The tints of drama, accompanied by a lot of action, a soundtrack led by Danny Elfman and scenes to remember – such as the train, which is much more than a mere sequence of tension for the character – left us with an Alfred Molina in one of his best roles ever.

Doctor Octopus, rubbing shoulders in this movie with the best comic representations of The Amazing Spider-Man. A character with motivations and convictions, a character with whom you empathized because you knew from the beginning of the film what could lead him to act as he did. Likewise, we have a Peter Parker who does not lose prominence, who combines the life of the protector of all Manhattan with a life full of economic vicissitudes and love conflicts. A tape with three plot arcs very well narrated and connected. Spider-Man 2 is a must-see movie for any spider-man fan.

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1. Spider-Man: A New Universe (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

Spider-Man: A New Universe (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
Spider-Man: A New Universe (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

A real gem of animation cinema. Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman demonstrated not only directors to rise to the occasion with this Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment production, but also understood how rarely we have seen the importance of that mask and the role of the character. It is a tribute to Miles, but also a declaration of respect and affection for the superhero.

Released in December 2018, the film put us in the shoes of Miles, a young Brooklin teenager with the typical complexes of an American teenager, an admirer to the core of Spider-Man; whom his parents consider a threat. But the sting came, and that’s the least of it, because the important thing now was to integrate those skills and serve as the new Spider-Man after the death of the original. Well, in reality it is not all that simple, because the film integrated the concept of the multiverse in a very particular way, adding very different personalities with the common denominator of being holders of that name.

The overall result, spiced up by breathtaking animations, a flash of color palette and music with specially created themes such as Post Malone’s Sunflower and Swar Lee, make for a superb result. An unforgettable film, pure comics in motion. We are looking forward to the confirmed second part in 2022. A well deserved Oscar for Best Animated Film.

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