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We go over all the free games and when they will be available to players subscribed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC services.

Last month of 2020. December will close one of the most complicated and unpredictable years we can remember, marked especially by the arrival in stores of the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, as well as unforgettable video games that are already part of the history of the medium. But here we have come to know the plans of the companies for their loyalty services, so let’s see what awaits us for free in these last stages of the year.

And it is that, as is tradition, it is necessary to know all the free games offered by the subscription services of PS4, Xbox One, Twitch and Google Stadia in December; Another way to refer to the successful PS Plus, Xbox Games With Gold, Prime Gaming, and Stadia Pro, trusted by millions of gamers.

PS Plus Collection
All PS Plus members have the PS Plus Collection at their disposal: 20 hit PS4 games.

Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have revealed their cards, but who offers better games in December 2020? It is enough to be subscribed to benefit from these incentives; although this time the gifts are not as interesting as in previous months.

Since 2020 began, at FreeGameTips we have been publishing and updating various articles where we collect the best free video games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch and this publication with all the titles currently free or on sale.

PS Plus bets on Just Cause, Worms Rumble and Bugsnax

The first thing that doesn’t change in PS Plus is Bugsnax, the exclusive incentive for PS5 players (the game is also available on PS4, but the PS5 version is free), which can be downloaded and played for free until January 4, 2021 The rest of the free games are Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena and Worms Rumble.

Regarding Worms Rumble, it is a multiplayer bet within the well-known Team17 license, a 32-player arena in real time where we can play deadlock or the last worm standing (like a battle royale). From this December 1 we can download it on PS4 and PS5.

December Free Games on PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Prime Gaming, and Stadia Pro

Likewise, PlayStation 4 players (and PS5 thanks to backward compatibility) can get hold of Just Cause 4, the open world game where we had dozens of playable options at our disposal, great verticality and weather changes; and Rocket Arena, the three-on-three multiplayer action game from Electronic Arts and Final Strike Games. After several months available, we can already play it with PS Plus. Finally, the Spanish game Melbits World, developed within the PlayStation Talents label.

  • You can check all the content of PS Plus in December 2020 here.

Variety on Xbox Live Gold: Four Free Games in December

Microsoft maintains its methodology of free games in Xbox Live Gold during the month of December. Players of Xbox One or Xbox Series consoles can download the following titles on the dates listed below: The Raven Remastered, Bleed 2, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and Stacking.

As always, the first two correspond to the Xbox One catalog, while the following are from Xbox 360, with technical improvements in Xbox One X and improvements in loading times in the new range of machines with which they inaugurate this generation.

December Free Games on PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Prime Gaming, and Stadia Pro

  • The Raven Remastered – December 1-31
  • Bleed 2 – from December 16 to January 15
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – December 1-15
  • Stacking – from December 16 to 31

We remind you that to be part of Xbox Live Gold there are two options: on the one hand, the standard subscription, which gives access to both online play in all titles (Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S) and free games monthly; and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which in addition to Xbox Live Gold includes Xbox Game Pass for PC, console and mobile devices.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are already available worldwide, although their stock is very limited. The new Microsoft consoles are 100% backward compatible with previous backwards compatible games, so these incentives also apply to next gen users.

  • You can check all the content of Xbox Live GOLD in December 2020 here.

Prime Gaming goes wild: games and loot with Amazon Prime

What we previously knew as Twitch Prime has been Amazon Prime Gaming for a few months, which maintains its exclusive loot for members subscribed in a multitude of multiplayer games as well as free games just for being subscribed to Amazon Prime. This December’s Prime Gaming free game offer ends December 4-11; although there are games that will remain until December 25.

To claim them it is as simple as accessing this link, logging in with our Amazon account (if it is Amazon Prime) and clicking Request on all the featured games that you want to add to your library. To play these titles, which are for PC, we must download the specific Amazon computer launcher.

Prime Gaming

  • A King’s Quest – until December 11
  • Smoke and Sacrifice – until December 11
  • The Spectrum Retreat – through December 25
  • Bridge Constructor: Medieval – until December 4
  • Lost Horizon – until December 25
  • Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan – until December 11
  • Ironcast – until December 18
  • Victor Vran Overkill Edition – until December 11
  • Lethis – Path of Progress – until December 11
  • Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition – until December 11

Stadia Pro: half a dozen new streaming games

We’re done with Google Stadia, Google’s subscription-based cloud gaming service to access a changing library of video games at no additional cost. In this case, those who are subscribed to Stadia Pro can access six games such as Hitman 2 or Into the Breach starting this December 1, a fairly high average quality in titles that we can enjoy streaming without limit and in a large number of devices, including TV (with Chromecast Ultra) or a Google browser if we have the Stadia remote.

Staida Pro

  • Into the Breach
  • Hitman 2
  • Kine
  • Secret neighbor
  • Everspace
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans

For more information, this is the complete list of games available at the time of publication of this article on Google Stadia through Stadia Pro, all of them free in exchange for the subscription (via 9to5Google). There are a total of 31: GYLT, SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, SteamWorld Dig, SteamWorld Heist, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Panzer Dragoon: Remake, Crayta, Orcs Must Die! 3, Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break, Gunsport, Hitman, Dead by Daylight, Human: Fall Flat, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris, Celeste, Jotun, Sniper Elite 4, The Gardens Between, Hello Neighbor: Hide & See, Risk of Rain 2, Republique, Sundered: Eldritch Edition, Into the Breach, HITMAN 2, Kine, Monster Jam Steel Titans, Everspace, and Secret Neighbor.

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