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EA: Battlefield 6 development "progressing very well"

EA: Battlefield 6 development "progressing very well"

EA DICE is already working on the new installment of its star saga, while the current installment will finalize its content plan in the summer.

Changes in EA DICE. The Electronic Arts studio sets its sights and resources on the future, passing through Battlefield 6, the new installment of its popular first-person shooter. According to the North American giant, the next title in the series will be available in 2021. Although it has not been officially announced, Andrew Wilson, CEO of the company, has referred to the development at the meeting to present the results of the third quarter. of the fiscal year. According to his words, the production is going from strength to strength.

"It is progressing very, very well," says Wilson. "We are excited about what the team is doing." The manager recalls that even though the studio is in a confined situation and everyone works from home, they are still inspired to "continue creating great entertainment." And he adds: "I am excited about what is to come in the coming years."

Battlefield 5
Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, full view

The past few weeks have been important to EA DICE. Through various releases, the Swedish studio has reported that Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 will stop adding new content. While the game set in World War II still has a major update, due out in June, the title of the galactic saga culminated its extensive roadmap from The Battle of Scarif, released in late April.

"There will be no Chapter 7," confirmed the developer. "We are still facing the challenges of working from home and we will let you know how things are progressing over the next month." What awaits us from now on? For now, the silence. The setting of Battlefield 6 is unknown, a game that will still be in demand. It will take patience.

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