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Humble Bundle: Europa Universalis IV and all its extras, from more than € 200 to 17

Humble Bundle: Europa Universalis IV and all its extras, from more than € 200 to 17

The best opportunity to get complete one of the best great strategy games available for PC.

There are only less than 24 hours left before a really attractive pack of Humble Bundle ends, this time focused on a single game: Europa Universalis 4. The great strategy game, valued at 85 by Meristation and 87 on average by The specialized press (and the same 87 on average among user ratings on Metacritic, which is rare), is one of the best options available if you like Civilization but are looking for something deeper and more complex, with more possibilities. After seven years since its original release and countless expansions and additions, we now have a unique possibility of taking a very complete version of it for less than € 17 – with different options ranging from paying $ 1 for the base game and several expansions, to pay $ 8.98 or $ 17 for more content. To get an idea, the complete game pack and its expansions can be found on Steam right now for € 264 (238 with a 10% discount to be exact).

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In its most complete version, we will have an extremely expansive game, which benefits from some of the packs that have expanded and refined the content of a game that covers four centuries of world history in detail, putting us at the forefront of the designs of the most powerful (or weakest) nations of the globe in an era of colonialism, expansion, conflict and unstoppable technological and cultural advances. If Sid Meier said that good games are a set of interesting decisions, Europa Universalis more than meets that definition (as long as the necessary hours are dedicated, it is not a game for an idle afternoon).

Humble Bundle: Europa Universalis IV and all its extras, from more than € 200 to 17

Most strategy lovers will agree that Paradox makes great titles in the genre. Games like Hearts of Iron, Victoria, Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis itself are easy to find in a list of favorites among fans of the genre, and even in some cases they have managed to seduce a wider audience than one would expect, given the complexity, leisurely pace and elements to consider in the campaigns of these titles. That is not questioned, but if there is an element of friction between the fan and the Swedish company is its aggressive policy of DLCs and how overwhelming it is to reach a game that has more than € 200 of content on the base game, so this It is an extremely attractive opportunity.

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