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MeriPodcast 14×21: What would we like to see in a new Nintendo Switch?

MeriPodcast 14x21: What would we like to see in a new Nintendo Switch?

We return to review the most important news of recent days, a period marked by a possible new Nintendo Switch; but there is more.

The MeriPodcast is back for another week; this time with the current team at the helm. Every time we like to dedicate time to what we are playing, because that is where we can offer more anecdotes and curiosities. But the industry does not stop and it seems that we are going to have a very busy year 2021.

One of the strongest topics is Nintendo Switch, where different reports point to a new model for 2021. In the absence of Nintendo confirming or denying those plans – OLED panel, 4K resolution on TV, 7-inch screen … -, the team exposes his ideas for what we would like to see in a Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’, or whatever it is called.

Nintendo Switch with OLED screen in 2021?

In the current block we tell you that Microsoft has unannounced games for Xbox in 2021, what will it be about? Also Microsoft, this time its official store, has anticipated the arrival of a compilation as a trilogy of the modern saga of Tomb Raider. On the other hand, we dealt with the controversy of the games at eighty euros and we ended up reviewing everything that awaits us with Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Finally, in What are we playing we tell you about new adventures with video games during the last two weeks, why we have chosen those titles and what we want to play in the next few days. Is Arashi finally over Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Join Arashi, Paula, Alejandro, Borja and Sergio Carlos in this current program. We remember that our colleagues from retro last week dealt with the Legend of Sir Arthur; We invite you to listen to it. See you in two weeks with more news, news and opinion on the current situation of the video game!

Thanks for listening to the MeriPodcast. We remember that you can listen to each program on YouTube, iVoox, iTunes and Spotify.

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