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PlayStation VR will not be compatible with the PS5 version of the games

PlayStation VR will not be compatible with the PS5 version of the games

PlayStation VR will not be compatible with PS4 games improved on PS5, but it will be compatible with its backward compatible version thanks to the free adapter.

One of the aspects that continue to raise doubts around the arrival of PlayStation 5 is its compatibility with PlayStation VR. For now we know that Sony will provide a free adapter for all players who have the virtual reality device, but that does not mean that it can work with all games, or rather, in its version for the new console.

Answers about virtual reality on PS5

In fact, Sony has confirmed that if we try to play PS4 titles in their enhanced version for PS5 through PlayStation VR, this will not be possible. We are talking about games like Hitman 3 or No Man’s Sky, for example, which will both be improved on PS5, but we can only enjoy them in VR if we do it with its backward compatible version, in addition to doing it with the adapter for PS Camera which, as we said Earlier, Sony is giving away current PlayStation VR owners.

This comes to answer one of the doubts that surround the future of the device, which is presented differently since there is the most probable option that Sony is working on a new, more advanced device that is capable of squeezing even more the potential of PS5, and well replace the current model.

Iron Man VR

In fact, an exclusive PlayStation VR video game that will appear only on PS5 has not yet been announced, having, yes, a good handful of backward compatible games that can be played in virtual reality. Without going any further, the successful Minecraft incorporated helmet compatibility just a few weeks ago, while we could also see the launch of Vadder Immortal, starring the charismatic Star Wars villain, but which nevertheless was not able to garner good reviews.

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