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Purchases on Oculus will disappear if you delete your linked Facebook account

Purchases on Oculus will disappear if you delete your linked Facebook account

The merger of the Oculus and Facebook accounts forces players to sign up for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

If you have already linked your Oculus account with your Facebook account and decide to stop having your space on this social network, you should know that your purchases will disappear if you delete it. This has been verified by Upload VR, which has published a news in which it confirms, however, that users of the first Oculus Quest, Rift or Rift S who have not yet performed the merger will not have any problem if they delete their account in the social network Facebook. Now, starting in 2023, Zuckerberg’s company will stop supporting current Oculus accounts, so there is no certainty about how that account linking process will take place.

According to a representative of the company, they will inform old users that they still do not log in with Facebook when 2023 approaches. Meanwhile, when trying to delete the account in this popular social network, a new message has appeared that warns about the implications of its deletion. “Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your information from Oculus,” they warn. β€œThis includes your in-app purchases and achievements. You will not be able to return any app and you will lose all existing credits ”.

The new Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 was released recently. The device is an improved version of the first helmets, which allow you to enjoy virtual reality without cables or a computer. It has its own digital store, through which you can buy applications and games specifically designed for the platform. However, it is also possible to enjoy the titles purchased in the Steam library if you connect the device with the PC through Oculus Link, a cable that is sold separately and that enables this option.

It should be noted that all players who purchase Oculus Quest 2 must use their Facebook account on a mandatory basis.

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