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Resident Evil’s new movie poster reveals the names of its protagonists

Resident Evil's new movie poster reveals the names of its protagonists

Sony Pictures and Constantin Film present a new poster as a teaser for the cinematic reboot of Capcom’s video game series.

Little by little we are getting to know new details and information about the cinematic reboot of Capcom’s Resident Evil video game saga. So much so, that after the announcement of the end of its filming at the end of last year or leaked photos of the production, we now receive official material from one of its protagonists. And is that Chad Rook, actor who will play Richard Aiken in the film, has shared a new poster as a teaser in which we can read both the names of the main characters that will appear and their release date in theaters, scheduled for the September 3, 2021.

Theatrical release on September 3, 2021

Thus, and with a visual style that is powerfully reminiscent of the cover of Resident Evil 4 in its version for PlayStation 2, we can see the Resident Evil logo along with a series of names of characters as recognizable as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Brad Vickers , William Birkin, Albert Wesker, Brian Irons, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Richard Aiken or Ada Wong, names closely linked to several installments of such a popular action and horror video game franchise.

Resident Evil's new movie poster reveals the names of its protagonists

The confirmation of all these names only confirm the setting of this new Resident Evil cinematic reboot; The film will present us with events seen in the first two classic installments of the saga, from the incident at the Spencer mansion with the Bravo and Alpha teams to the dispersal of the T-virus through Raccoon City and the hordes of zombies that emerged from so terrifying incident. In this sense, we could already see filtered photographs of the filming with scenes from the outside of the mythical Raccoon City police station and numerous undead walking through its devastated streets.

According to the director of the film, Resident Evil intends to “go back to the two original video games and recreate that terrifying and visceral experience” that he had when playing. Furthermore, it is intended to be “a very human story” about “a decadent little American town” that identifies with today’s audiences. Resident Evil opens on September 3.

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