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The creators of Europa Universalis are looking for staff for their new studio in Barcelona

The creators of Europa Universalis are looking for staff for their new studio in Barcelona

Paradox Tinto will be led by Johan Andersson, an industry veteran who has worked for over 25 years in game development.

New studio in Barcelona. This has been confirmed by Paradox, which will open a new developer in Barcelona. This is Paradox Tinto, a study that will be directed by the designer of the strategy game Europa Universalis. Johan Andersson is one of the oldest members of the company, having worked for more than 25 years in production, design, programming and directing. Among the franchises in which he has participated is, in addition to the aforementioned title, Heart of Iron and Crusader Kings.

At first, the new studio will support the next content of Europa Universalis IV, but later it will develop unpublished video games, also of the strategy genre. "People love our games and we like that we are growing to create more titles for them. We are particularly excited to expand for the first time with a new study focusing on the genre we are famous for, strategy, ”said Charlotta Nilsson, COO of Paradox.

Looking for staff

According to the board, the success of their studies in recent years has allowed them to continue delving into new ideas, "with more games in active development and more ambitious plans every day." Nilsson assures that they are looking for personnel for at least 70 positions. The idea is that throughout 2020 that figure will rise to 200 people, as the directive has indicated. Of course, Paradox Tinto was born as a result of an ambitious expansion plan, and all this despite the coronavirus, which has also affected video game companies.

Europa Universalis IV invites players to guide their nation to glory. Paradox is also the company responsible for Cities: Skylines, a city management and creation game that is still free to download if you are a PS Plus subscriber on PlayStation 4.

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